Diane Dixon is Governor David Paterson’s Girlfriend

March 20, 2008

Diane Dixon is a former Olympic silver medalist and has recently revealed she had a “close relationship” with New York governor David Paterson. You can see her biography and photos below.

Diane Paterson’s relationship is said to have taken place earlier this year, but David is sticking to his story that all of his affairs ended years ago. Diane claims to have recorded phone messages between the two and says she received a private message from the governor on Tuesday asking if she was speaking with the media. After releasing this information, Diane did a lot of backtracking about the tapes and her relationship with the governor.

“I know one thing. I’m going to destroy [the tapes]. I don’t want no part of this.” Asked about her earlier claims of being close to Paterson, Dixon responded, “Don’t you go there. Don’t go there. He and I were just friends. It’s all a joke. Just a joke.”

Diane Dixon was born in Brooklyn on September 23, 1964, which makes her age 43. She went to Brooklyn Tech where she ran track and, at 16, was the best high-school female runner in the US. She went on to compete in several world championships and the Seoul Olympics. The Summer ’98 games is where she won a silver medal in the 4 x 400 relay anchored by track great Florence Griffith Joyner. She also joined Mayor Bloomberg and other Olympic medalists in an effort to get the 2012 Games in New York but failed.

Dixon is very active with schools and speaks to young athletes so it’s so surprise she works for the city’s Department of Education in Crown Heights’ District 17 getting paid between $48,000 and $65,000 a year. The surprise is Diane says Paterson is “mostly responsible” for getting her the job. The two met after David gave Dixon a medal at a Chamber of Commerce dinner and continued meeting afterwards.

Paterson maintains the two were never romantically involved. Must have been that slew of other women he was trying to juggle. Oh, and that whole married thing can get in the way sometimes too. This story may end up being better than Spitzer’s when it’s all said and done.

You can see more pictures of Diane Dixon below.

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