Anita Kustok: Sarah & Zak Kustok’s Mother – Biography (Photos, Video)

October 1, 2010

Anita Jeanie Kustok was a kind, loving and devoted wife, teacher and a beloved mother of Comcast SportsNet reporter Sarah Kustok and Former NFL /Northern QB Zak Kustok. She was found dead allegedly by her husband’s hands. Check out her biography, get the latest details about this tragic news and don forget to check out the Anita, All, Sarah and Zak’s photos on the links below and video check out our video below.

Anita Kustok husband Mugshot

Anita Jeanie Kustok was born on October 20th, 1951 (58 years old) she met her soon to be husband while he was at the University of Illinois in the late 60’s early 70’s. In 1976 she got married to Allen J. Kustok a former football Illinois and High School captain 34 years ago. On February 24th, 1979 Anita welcomed her son Zak Adam Kustok and then her little girl Sarah was born. Anita and her family were living in Frankfurt, Illinois where her son went to Lincolnway Central High, after they relocated to Orland Park where her teenage son and daughter attended Carl Sandburg High. While her son became a fabulous College football player (Northwestern University), her young daughter just years younger than Zak had been an amazing basketball player at Sandburg now her basketball’s team captain at DePaul University in Illinois where she got her major in economics. Both her children grew up and left home, he was drafted by the NFL in 2002 from that time to 2004 he played with the Miami Dolphins, Green Bay Packers and finally the Chicago Bears, he then became a Business man. Sarah is now a sports reporter at Comcast SportsNet.

Anita Kustok or Jeanie as most people called her, lived at her home in Orland Park with her husband, she was a teacher at district’s Hollywood School for seven years and later taught reading and math to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders at Central Elementary in Riverside. She was known for her beautiful feelings, kind heart, supportive teacher, colleague and friend. The same feeling her neighbors for the past ten years thought of her and think of her husband Al as a very respectful, kind man, together they were their friends, neighbors and children’s perfect couple. When they found out about the terrible event that happened on September 29th at their long time neighbor’s house they were in shock and disbelief.

59 year old Allan Kustok, according to his Linkendln profile, he got his BS in Business administration at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, College of Business. He used to be a sales rep at Wright Medical Technology currently he was RTI Biologics’ Direct Rep, but on September 29th according to Chicago Breaking News he was the man who arrived at the Palos Community Hospital located in Palos Heights (9 miles from their home) with the lifeless body of his wife Jeanie, who he said shot herself in the face with the Smith and Wesson .357-caliber handgun he had given her just that summer for their 34th wedding anniversary.

Until this point everything sounded believable for authorities, but when he said that Jeanie, who was wearing her nighttime clothes, his bath robe over and was wrapped with their mattress fitted sheet had been dead for over 90 minutes when he arrived at the hospital. He added that they were alone when they went to bed the night before (Tuesday Sept. 28) in the morning of Wednesday September 30th he was allegedly awakened around 3:30 a.m by the gunshot that Jeannie allegedly fired herself to death, when he found she had her arms crossed across her chest and holding the gun in her hand and a gunshot to the left side of her face, he tossed the gun and cleaned her face, he later allegedly picked up the gum and put it on his head, he said that he didn’t want to live without her, but then fired the 5 bullets left in the gun on their room’s armoire. He didn’t call 911 and decided to wrap her with the bed’s sheets, pulled her on his car and drove to Los Palos an hour and a half later. According to his statement, Jeannie was too proud for an ambulance. Authorities didn’t believe his story and charged him with first degree murder of his wife Anita Jeanie Kustok. A hearing held on Friday October 1st Judge Joan Margaret O’Brien at Bridgeview courthouse set a $2M bail. Friends, Family and especially their children believe in his innocence they requested the judge for a $200,000 bail since they put together the amount of money of get him out of jail pending trial.

A police inspection was made at the Kustok’s house on Thursday as well as an autopsy of Anita’s body, according to forensic reports and told by the Assistant State attorney, he said he found her with the gun still in her hand, a gun that weighs about 10 pounds. The bullet got into her left cheek right above the eye and got out from the right side of her neck. According to the Suntimes a right handed person won’t shoot her/himself on the left side, they also stated about the possible motive not as domestic violence but financial.

The Suntimes also said that RTI Biologics’s headquarters is in Florida, (I did search and in fact it is in FL, I went through their Boar and Executive Members, but did not find him).

This is a really terrible thing to happen, our thoughts and prayers go out to Sarah and brother Zak Kustok, other family and friends. Would you like to give your condolences? Check out the photos of the family here and Anita Kustok’s murder news video.

Anita Kustok daughter 1
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Anita Jeanie Kustok Murder News Video


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    prost5 Says:

    Some of your facts are not accurate. They did not meet in college because Jeannie went to Calumet College. She worked as a teacher in Calumet City before she was married.