NFL Atlanta Falcons’ Kroy Biermann Dating Housewife Kim Zolciak

October 1, 2010

NFL Atlanta Falcons’ Kroy Biermann is reportedly dating an older woman, not any woman though The real Housewife Kim Zolciak, rumors said that he after media attention, but she defended their relationship, How did they met? Are they living together? Find all about this new celebrity Sports hook up and don’t miss their cool pictures and videos below.

Kim is 32 years old while Kroy is 25, we are talking about a 7 year difference, that doesn’t matter anymore and yes since Demi and Ashton became the hottest affair of the century. But when it comes to these two he a defensive end playing with the Atlanta Falcons from the College in Montana where he was born and raised and picked during the 2008 NFL draft. His Housewife girlfriend on the other hand was born in Pensacola, Florida, she is an actress, on the Real Housewives in Atlanta, a singer, a divorced mother of two gorgeous girls. She was once romantically linked to Stephan Lemperle and recently to our NFL stud. What started as a rumor turned out to be the truth and apparently it was rumored that they have actually been dating for quite some time (something around two months).

But when the media found out about their relationship, rumors about him taking advantage of her publicity to get his, you might wonder but he is already in the NFl? Well yes that is true, but apparently his career has been moving awfully slow in popularity I mean. Check out what the Hollywood Gossip had to say about this matter, here.

According to Radaronline, she defended her man and their relationship.

“If you recalled Kim was allegedly dating who she referred as Big Poppa, but that was clarified when Kim and Kroy attended Cynthia Bailey’s wedding on April, and when she came forward defending her relationship with Biermann all rumors were clarified. “People keep calling me a cougar. But I’m 32, he’s 25,” she said during a conference call to promote the Bravo show’s third season. “We just have a great connection and we’re still together. It’s been over 5 months. He’s just fantastic. I’m really happy, I’m in a great place… He’s great, I mean, he’s great with my girls. He’s not 25 out partying every night and that kind of thing. He doesn’t have that mind frame and maybe that’s why it worked. I mean whether he’s younger or not is irrelevant. He hates the publicity,” she said adamantly. “When it first hit the fan it was a little stressful for him and I. He’s from Montana. He’s not into the press.”

She also said that when he was questioned by her that is if he wanted to be on her show, he refused solemnly. He doesn’t like publicity, something that according to Kim is amazing. What do you think about this couple? Do you think the age difference shows too much? Check out the photos and video below.

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