Lorra Podsiadlo: NASCAR Clint Bowyer’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

September 30, 2010

Meet Lorra Podsiadlo she is NASCAR racer Clint Bowyer’s utterly sexy girlfriend. Her name is not familiar to many, but I bet that ever since he was involved in some ugly trouble you began wondering who was he dating. Keep reading to know more about her life, relationships and more. Don’t miss our great video and Lorra’s photos below.

Our NASCAR WAG is a mystery to a great number of people, It is probable that after you heard about her boyfriend and his Childress team getting penalized after a statement regarding his car being inches beyond the tolerance allowed by NASCAR, He would be assessed 150 points penalty, his team appealed to get this penalty reversed, but on Wednesday September 29th Richard Childress Racing Team lost the case.

It sure is a terrible and sad thing to happen and I am sure Lorra will be there to support him, which make us even more intrigued to know about her, Who is Ms. Podsiadlo?

According to some of the information I found, and like I said before the information was very limited but If we are correct 29 year old Lorra E. Podsiadlo is the daughter of Deborah and Thomas Poadsiadlo, and Derrick Podsiadlo’s little sister. She went to Penn Yan Academy in Pan Yan Village in New York, she graduated in 1999. After high school she went to Nazareth College in Rochester, New York where she joined the women’s lacrosse team The Golden Flyers where she played as a midfielder (2000-2003), and it looks like she was one hell of a player. Check her stats here. At Nazareth College Lorra was named 2000 rookie of the year.

I found news about her brother Derrick from 2007, he was and maybe still is a DIRTcar racer, Like Lorra he also went to Penn Yan, but what called my attention is that during that time she was dating another DIRTcar racer Tim McCreadie, according to what these angry fans are commenting she dated him for about 5 years, her former father in-law is another DIRTcar racer Bob “Barefoot” McCreadie.

In case you are wondering why the fans I mentioned before were angry it was because they found Lorra’s Facebook profile and sent her several friends request, that she reportedly never accepted but what got them even madder was when allegedly she wrote them back to tell them that she didn’t get why they felt the need to send her the request, adding that she was never going to accept any, they called her rude, I think that she was just being careful.

It’s not clear when exactly she started dating the fab racer, but the angry fans from up above, that news was from October, 2009. He was reportedly single since the last months of 2007. I really wish there was more about her, I did find her pictures and when some called her unattractive, I must say that I completely disagree. Lorra Podsiadlo is very attractive and seems nice.

Please share your comments with us, feel free to give us any feed back on her. Check out this photos and video below.

Lorra Podsiadlo Video
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