Amy Fisher Movie Comes Out This Week!

September 26, 2010

Today marks the release of the first adult film by Long Island Lolita, “Deep Inside Amy Fisher.” Movies like this are what she wants to do full time now, as she admits to Maury. Catch all the details, with more photos and videos below.

Amy Fisher  7

If you like that photo there are more below. Three years ago she promised not to be a porn star, but this year she changed her mind. She has signed a contract to release eight films.

She has had quite an interesting life. She was best known previously as the woman who shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco when she was 16 and was having an affair with her husband Joey. Due to that she spent 7 years in jail.

Moving on from that she had a sex tape of her and her husband’s leaked, but promised to never be an adult film star. Well, she changed her mind and now Amy Fisher’s movie is coming out. But yes this is only first of eight! She was on Maury yesterday talking about her new career move.

She has been involved on other risqué activities over the years and talks proudly about it. I am not sure what her explanation would be to her children as she is the mother of three kids. Her husband Lou Bellera is all for it, though, and feels secure in their relationship.

Her co-stars in this film include Lisa Ann, Marcus London, Dale DaBone and Tommy Gunn. I wonder how popular it will be and what her new lifestyle will be like.

What do you think about Amy Fisher’s movie contract for 8 films? Is she out of control, or just trying to make something of herself? Leave me your comments below after you check out these pictures and video of her thoughts on life.

Amy Fisher  1 Amy Fisher  2 Amy Fisher  3 Amy Fisher  4 Amy Fisher  5 Amy Fisher  6

Photos: Daly, Johnny Louis, Tina Paul, Michael Carpenter, Nick Fisher

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