Best WWE NXT Videos (Photos)

September 30, 2010

The WWE NXT is coming to an end on SyFy, after just three seasons and 7 months it was announced that the WWE will be moving the show to and will be available only for American visitors. What a terrible news this was the WWE NXT was broadcast in 6 continents in over 40 countries by 22 television channels where over billions of fans worldwide could watch their favorite wrestlers and Divas. Let’s take a look back into the best fights videos per season, see your favorite and hot wrestlers and check the photos, Alright then Let’s get ready to Rumble!!!

Season One

The first season at the WWE NXT started on February 23rd, 2010 hosted by Ashley Valence and Matt Striker and announced by Savannah. 8 rookies were brought by their storyline mentors to kick some a$$ for 15 episodes. Michael Tarver mentored by Carlito was eliminated during the 12th week same with Daniel Bryan whose mentor was the Miz both were also eliminated by the WWE management while Skip Sheffied (William Regal) who was also eliminated the same week but by Pros’toll. Darren Young (CM Punk), Heath Slater (Christian), Justin Gabriel (Matt Hardy) and David Runga (R-Truth) were all eliminated during the 15th week, On June 1st, 2010 Season 1 winner was Wade Barrett after he defeated Gabriel and Otunga and was mentored by Chris Jericho. Let’s check the best of that season one.

WWE NXT Season One Highlights Video

NXT Season One Finale Video

Season Two

WWE NXT second season lasted 13 weeks starting on June 8 through August 31st, 2010. Jamie Keyes announced Titus O’Neil (Zack Ryder) eliminated during the 4th week on June 29th, Eli Cottonwood (John Morrison) was eliminated on the 8th week on July 27th, Lucky Cannon (Mark Henry) on the 10th week on August 10th, Husky Harris (Cody Rhodes) and Percy Watson (Montel Vontavious Porter) the 11th week on August 17th. The season two finale match on August 31st was won by Kaval (Michelle Cool, Layla aka Team Lay-Cool) when he defeated Alex Riley (The Miz) and Michael McGillicutti (Kofi Kingston), but his fellow losing wrestlers were not giving up so easy, Remember what happened? Let’s take a look at Season Two Highlights Video.

WWE NXT Season Two Highlights Video

NXT Season Two Finale Video

Season Three

So the third season at NXT is not finished yet, but this is the season where rookie Divas are presented and where we will know who is the New WWE Diva, and let’s cut the crap when it comes to Divas we want to know all about it, so let’s see!

Season three started on September 7th, 2010, this time it was Tony Chimel who on August 31st revealed the 6 rookie Divas and their professional wrestling mentors. Maxime (Alicia Fox), Aksana (Goldust), A.J (Primo), Naomi (Kelly Kelly), Jamie (Bella Twins) and last but not least Aloisia (Vickie Guerrero) who you might remember left the competition allegedly because of a disagreement between her and her mentor, but we all know that the reason was allegedly because of her sexually explicit pictures that were leaked. Too bad for Aloisia, but great for Guerrero’s new rookie, Kaitlyn.
These smoking hot rookie Divas have been totally rocking for the next three months, 4 episodes by SyFy and the rest will start on October 5th via when we will have the first elimination, Who would that be?

This is my pick Naomi. Sorry!! And I so think that Kaitlyn will win. Le’s check out the Season Three Video.

WWE NXT Season 3 Rookie Divas Video

Be sure you come back by the end of this sexy season, we will have the entire story, I am sure it will Rock your world!!

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