Chinese Cheerleaders (Photos)

March 19, 2008

Chinese cheerleaders may be what makes Baseball successful over seas. See photos of MBL Cheerleader hotties here.

This past weekend was the first weekend for the MLB to play in China. The LA Dodgers and the San Diego padres played in Beijing China for some Spring Training games. Besides checking out the site of the Summer Olympics the guys got to check out very sexy Chinese cheerleaders.

The cheerleaders showed off their very flexible moves in hot pants, bras, and short skirts. I doubt anyone was watching the game.

Apparently the outfits may be the only thing the girls have going for them. Reports say that the dance routines were amateur. Girls were off beat and out of position. But they still managed to pull off eleven routines. Way to keep the spirit up! One of the cheerleaders, Li said:

“We basically all have jobs and do this part time. So you can’t expect a lot, all we can do is try our best.”

I wonder when the US will have MLB cheerleaders.

Check out more pictures below.

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    Jen Says:

    Actually, we always do. The words that are highlighted in purple are links to our sources. The photo link for this post falls after the photos:)