Tiger Woods Sex Tape: Devon James Video Sold! (Photos)

September 26, 2010

Tiger Woods Sex Tape has been sold, Devon James is one of Tiger Woods’ latest alleged mistresses who claimed she owns the X-rated video, was looking for the best buyer and she found it, When was the sex tape? How much money did it get? Keep reading to know this entire shocking story and check out our video and Devon’s pictures below.

Devon James

I can still remember when I heard about Devon and wrote about her scandalous, but not really surprising statements. I mean she was what alleged mistress #8 or #10? Oh that’s right how come we didn’t remember her, she is alleged mistress number 15 and third alleged porn actress. Well if she is an alleged porn actress then it is not so surprising to find out what Ms. James just recently revealed.

We will go there in a bit, let’s just make a little bio about Devon James.

* Alleged Mistress #15
* Third porn actress to reveal that she allegedly had an affair with Tiger.
* When she was revealed she was 20 years old.
* She is an adult entertainer in Tampa, FL.
* Allegedly dated Woods from 2006-2008.
* Said that she and Tiger allegedly had a threesome.
* Talked about dirty sex, text messages and that Tiger allegedly told her that Elin Nordegren didn’t like to have sex very often.
* She chose a radio station to reveal all the details in the alleged affair.
* Her Mother said her daughter whose real name is Melinda Janette that she was allegedly a liar and that there was no affair.
* Claimed to be the mother of Tiger’s alleged 9 year old son.
* Devon also claimed she was 19 when she had her first alleged encounter with the famous golfer.

Ok! we got all of Devon James’ most important facts, now let’s move over to our main story, Tiger Woods Sex Tape.

According to the great guys from Radaronline they bumped into Devon at the Tampa airport, and told them that she was on her way to L.A to meet with Vivid Entertainment producers to offer them the alleged Tiger Woods sex tape featuring Devon, she added that the tape was 62 minutes long, 32 of those minutes is allegedly her and the golfer allegedly having sex.

We knew that Radar was not going to stop there which is why they approached Mr. Hirsh from Vivid to ask him about the meeting with James, but he said he had no comments about that. Radar said that they haven’t seen the tape yet and can’t confirm if it is real. So what do you think is it real or not?

Devon says it is in her possession, if that happens Devon also said that they would publish the alleged sex tape themselves the same thing goes if Vivid was not willing to pay enough, in her personal opinion the so called sex tape is worth over $350,000.

In more recent news Devon who once said she was going to sell it to the one who pays her better, sure first she was going for the bigger fish, Well I don’t know if that fish met her, let her down or both, but just today she and her husband Nick James said that they have sold the tape to another party since the fish we were talking about (Vivid) were afraid of Tiger’s lawyers, check out his entire statement.

“We made a deal with a DVD production company,” Devon’s husband, Nick James, We’re going to sell the video online and we get half the profits of all sales.”
“Ultimately we found a different company and they gave us $350,000 down with projected sales of $5 million total once it’s out.”

And if you want to know when will the sex tape be available for the public? The mysterious company will also be releasing a teaser of the tape, to get everyone’s attention.

“If you pre-book buying the tape you get it on November 15th, otherwise it comes out for sale on the 20th,”

This was not the first time we heard about an alleged Tiger Woods sex tape, except that it was never published and we never heard more about that. In June David Hirsh from Vivid also talked about a woman who gave him a tape, he didn’t say who she was or if Tiger was in fact the guy on the tape, either way Tiger’s attorney threatened to take extreme legal actions to anyone who published any x-rated material either pictures or films about Tiger. Playgirl spoke about some xxx pictures, never published them, Vivid didn’t either, What was the reason? Simple – avoid legal trouble or Tiger was not the guy in the pictures same with the x-rated movie.

If to avoid legal trouble was the reason it is very unlikely they would do it now with the sex tape, which is what James said happened this time. And we can assume the company who bought Tiger and Devon’s sex tape are not afraid, right?

Oh Wow! I never thought that she was going to sell it, sure we don’t really know if it is really him, Who knows what bomb is going to explode, I really thought that Tiger was aware of her intentions and was going to pull his strings to prevent that from happening. It was what he allegedly did when Rachel Uchitel was ready to pose for Playboy, certainly she said that it was her choice not to.

Just a few weeks and we will be watching that teaser, be sure you come back, we are going to be watching over very closely for more news, scandals, sex tapes, teasers and so much more. Check out the pictures and video below.

Devon James photo
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Devon James Video

Photos: www.wenn.com/ C.M Wiggins

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