Megan France: NASCAR CEO Brian France’ Ex-wife (Photos, Video)

September 29, 2010

Meet Megan France she is a name we have been hearing about quite a lot last year, but not in the nicest way, You see she is NASCAR CEO Brian France Ex-wife, they have been involved in ugly lawsuits and once again they’re coming to the media’s spotlight. Keep reading to know more about Megan, Marriage, children, divorce, racy tapes and legal trouble. The girl in these pictures is not Megan France, but she sure is hot. But don’t worry you can see her picture in the great links in our story and she is also in the video below.

Sexy wife

The first time I saw Megan France, I couldn’t help to notice that she was beautiful, Mr. France is a lucky guy I thought and when I heard about their ugly divorce I thought that it was really a shame they look great together.

So again with our story, Megan’s ex hubby for all of us is a name we are very familiar with, but just to sum it up his grandfather founded NASCAR in 1948, he was proceeded by his son Bill who was then proceeded by his son Brian 7 years ago. NASCAR’s current chairman and CEO is by far the most powerful man in the sports business and this title suits him really well after all he created Chase for the Nextel Cup, Craftsman Truck series, his alliances with FOX, ABC, ESPN and other major television networks generates billions of dollars annually, add to this his sponsorship from Sprint and alliance with Syrius, he owns royalties of all of Britney Spears perfumes. Time Mag called him one of the top and most influential in the world, What can I say he is a money making machine. So when we hear that he was involved in a case that where Megan now his ex-wife for the second time filed a lawsuit alleging that her ex was behind on his monthly child support and alimony payment, it sounded absurd (even if we are taking about ridiculously amounts of money).

Allegedly Megan France was supposed to get about $40,000 monthly in child support and alimony, plus $9M for distributive award (whatever that is). But according to Megan he didn’t pay her some payments. And just to be clear here and according to the Observer the missing payments are about $32,000 monthly in alimony, $3 M in distributive award and over $52,000 in governess payments.

Her hubby on the other hand is accused of breaking their divorce agreement they made in their second divorce that stated that if they ever sued each other they will remain quiet about the agreement (something that according to him Megan hasn’t been doing when she revealed personal information to a third party, due to this the court granted him to keep those documents sealed from Megan France.

At some point Megan and the Charlotte Observer allegedly requested to reveal the agreement, in relation to the Observer no such thing was going to happen since those documents contain private information about them and their children.

Megan said that her ex was allegedly harassing her, hiring people to follow her. But then we found out that it was him who was suing her after she allegedly revealed to him via e-mail that she had recorded a tape of their telephone conversations without his knowledge and consent.

Megan Garcia has a teenage daughter Jordyn from a previous relationship, she is now 16 years old. France and Garcia got married sometime in 2001, got divorced in 2007, reconciled again and divorced a second and last time in April 2008. During their marriage they became parents of their twins. She now lives in Charlotte.

What are your comments about this news? Do you think the documents shouldn’t be sealed? Check out the photos great video below.

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