Fawni: International Pop Princess Biography (Photos, Video)

September 29, 2010

Meet Fawni, she is the amazing, sexy and very talented pop singer that is coming to take over and claim herself as the new International Pop Princess. Read on to know all about her early years, career, relationships and so much more from her biography right here plus you definitely don’t want to miss Fawni’s photos and cool videos after the jump.

Move over Gaga ’cause a pop princess has arrived, and she is spectacular!! Fawni is the new pop vixen coming from Austria with incredible songs, gorgeous face, beautiful lips, and have you seen her Body, Oh My Goodness, Fawni you are a Goddess!!

While some think it is quite premature to call her a Diva, she is proving she has all it takes to be one, she has been in millions of Magazines, she has been around for a while. You probably confused her with fashion top models with the most perfect measurements, but that was our naughty Fawni, let’s skip to her biography and find out what it is about her that is making the world Fawniaholic.

Fawni was born Stefanie Jamaica Marianne Pschill on July 15th, 1985 making this Vienna born beauty 25 years old. She and her brother Alexander grew up surrounded by colors, music and art all coming from her father’s studio, P.S Hill the well known and respectful artist, considered a contemporary art icon and leader, but for Fawni her father was a magician, who filled her childhood days with the most beautiful colors, laughter and dear memories. It was this influence that at first drew her into art, soon he will find the magic that also came from Andy Warhol, American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, contemporary artist Jasper Johns and graffiti artist Basquiats (who died at the early age of 27). She created her own style, but we will come back to her art side in a second.

Although she felt inspiration in painting a new journey was coming into her life and at a very young age, at 7 and and for the following six years she traveled throughout Europe with her music band, but when she became a teenager she relocated to London, where her musical and acting career blossomed.

As an actress she became popular and applauded in many films and television shows, she shared the spotlight with her brother who became the famous Marc on the Austrian t.v show Komissar Rex (Inspector Rex in the U.S) from 2002-2004. But even if her actress career was a promising success she could still feel the need to paint again.

“It was during this time that I could not refrain from putting down a paintbrush. it was as if I couldn’t express myself properly through words or actions, I had to paint! I did not and still do not feel complete if I don’t express myself on Canvas” Fawni said.

While she found passion and freedom in painting, her agent talked her into attending the School of Dramatic Arts in L.A, where Kamil Rustam (West Coast Records) got her under his wing and helped her in her music career. In 2003, she became a member of the music band Goddess, but when management trouble began they went separate ways the following year. By that time she was struck by music and continued to write and record songs by the hand of major music producers worldwide. In 2008 she joined forces with Sony, her first solo album was “Serious” followed by “Lick It”.

Fawni continued to paint, her pieces have been exhibited in major art gallerias in Europe and the U.S. While she has her own studio in L.A she teamed up in an exhibition with Tom Zotos in 2008 who she met a year earlier.

The times at which I feel like the most whole, complete the most content and alive, are when I am in my studio singing and painting in my panties”

Oh! Stop it Fawni you are killing us!! We have no information about whether she is or isn’t dating at the moment, but you can help us on this one. Check out Fawni’s photos and videos below.

Fawni Video

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