Melyssa Buhl: New WWE Diva? Biography (Photos, Video)

September 28, 2010

Have you met Melyssa Buhl? She is a stunning woman, mother, model and can it be possible that she soon will be a WWE Diva? Is this a rumor or has it been confirmed? Check out this full story, find more details about hot Melyssa and don’t miss the photo and videos below.

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Sexy Canadian Melyssa Buhl posted a message on ModelMayhem telling fans that she might be joining the WWE, well actually the FCW or Florida Championship Wrestling, but when she found out that media and by media I mean the Lord of were confirming that she signed already, she didn’t hesitate to clarify that she hasn’t signed anything and demanded to remove that information.

I was just forwarded a link to ur page and read about me signing with the WWE PLEASE REMOVE this at once!!! I have not yet signed ANYTHING and simply mentioned that i will be entering a contract and will not be shooting!! Please Please remove it now!!!!

thanks so much!!!

~Melyssa Buhl~

Well she might or might not be coming into the world of Women’s wrestling, but we definitively have to know more about Melyssa ’cause she is Freakin’ HOT!!

Our gorgeous 26 year old girl comes from a Swedish and German heritage, but was born in Vancouver and raised in British Columbia, Canada. Although it may sound hard to believe Melyssa wasn’t a girly girl, skirts and dresses were out of the question for her, especially if they were pink.

If you see her fantastic athletic body you might think that she spends her entire days at the gym, but the truth is that Melyssa is and has always been very athletic, spent her childhood doing all sorts of sports even BMX Racing.

A new chapter began in her life when the became a teenager in high school and boys became interested and they couldn’t help to notice her. She finished high school and went to college.

She took a job at a hospital, but she wasn’t happy about it. People noticed her unhappiness, but also noticed how incredibly beautiful she was, a picture perfect face the kind that you see on the cover of the most famous magazines or leading lady in a major film. But she could also be a top model in her case with her body a fitness model was just natural. But she wasn’t quite sure, people kept telling her she would be just perfect, so after millions of suggestions she decided she will give it a try, the rest is history.

Standing 5’8″ and weighing 120 pounds Melyssa can rock at any career life takes her, she is a spectacular woman and model and if we are lucky we will see that she can also be a awesome wrestler. The girls in these pictures are not Melyssa, but you must see her un-be-lie-va-ble and utterly hot pictures right here.

Would you like to share with us your thoughts about Melyssa Buhl? Check the photos and video below.

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Melyssa Buhl video

Photos: LA Direct Models

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