Queen Rania: NY Trip Includes Heart Procedure

September 28, 2010

Jordan’s Queen Rania’s NY trip may have ended up being more eventful than expected. Amongst speeches, the royal underwent a procedure to correct and irregular heartbeat. For more details on her trip to the Big Apple, including more photos and videos, keep reading below.

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Isn’t the couple gorgeous in that picture?! While in New York, her husband, King Abdullah spoke at the UN General Assembly and she spoke at the Important Dinner for Women. Whether it was planned or an emergency thing, she is said to be doing fine and is recovery in the hospital.

Luckily this was not an invasive surgery. It is called catheter ablation, where an electrical current is passed through a catheter to regulate the heartbeat. She will spend a couple nights in the hospital and then Queen Rania will return home later this week from her NY trip.

The condition was still in the premature stage. A palace statement confirmed that she is indeed doing well.

“The procedure went very smoothly and Her Majesty is well and in good spirits.”

Whether or not she meant to have this work done is unknown. It did coincide with her family’s already planned trip to the States. Other than just tagging along with her husband as he was a part of the General Assembly, she also participated in an empowerment event for young girls. She has a history of philanthropic goals that not only include young women, but also the poverty stricken.

Hopefully things do go as planned and she will be back on her feet soon. She seems to be a lovely woman and hopefully her health will be fine now. I wonder if she purposely planned the procedure to be done in the US rather than her home town, and if so why? Leave me your comments after you enjoy these pictures and video of Queen Rania.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/HRC, News Pictures

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