Melissa Petro: CraigsList Prostitute Teacher Biography (Photos, Video)

September 22, 2010

Meet Melissa Petro, she is a teacher, a former hooker and lately we have come to think of her as the alleged Craigslist Prostitute teacher. Read her Biography, shocking revelations, photos, videos and so much more.

Melissa Petro

In 1995 Craig Newark established his business in San Francisco he called it Craiglist, today it is one of the biggest and most online advertisements used by people looking for all kinds of needs whether to discuss a certain topic or satisfy a personal need and sometimes these needs are sexual in nature, provided by men and women. One of these women is Melissa Petro who years ago allegedly used to be Craigslist prostitute.

She didn’t do it out of lust, but allegedly to earn extra cash in her own time, without having to give any income to anyone, she really thought it would be kind of fun. Soon she would find out that what started as fun for her was going to haunt her until this day. This is the story of Melissa Petro.

30 year old Melissa Petro is from Bedford, Ohio. She bared her soul describing every detail of the life she used to have when she was an alleged hooker, stripper and her infamous escapades with a Mexican woman who told her all about the sex business, who took her into her house and took care of her. Being taken care of was something that her heart cherished, her father abandoned her mother, brother and herself when she was a senior in High School. She never saw him again.

By age 19 and living in Mexico, she found out that her gorgeous childhood friend was working at a strip club in the U.S. while she was a student in Oxaca, getting naked in front of strangers was not an idea that had crossed her mind, but then again picturing her utterly sexy friend stripping and having men drool and idolize her, just like (her friend) when both were growing up and even at that young age she allegedly had that effect on men. It is not clear if that idea took her to the Mexican strip joint La Trampa, but she discovered that when she got on that stage a new Melissa emerged and she liked her, That girl was the one that with drove men insane, those men fantasized about her with every move and contour of her body.

Some time later she was traveling all over writing about the lives of sex workers, she contributed with stories in the book called Sex Work Matters: Exploring Money, Power, and Intimacy in the Sex Industry. Melissa returned to the U.S and went back to college at Antioch College where she got her degree in Self, Society and Culture in 2002, MFA in creative non-fiction from The New School, she is also a researcher, an activist and feminist, but also an alleged former sex worker. In August 2007 she also became the art teacher at PS 70 Elementary School in the Bronx earning $61,000 a year.

But her job as a teacher became jeopardized when her story was overheard and consequently her name became a frenzied search on Google. She was warned by a colleague, she was asked to write in anonymity, but she felt it was against her will.

Against her will was probably her permanent leave from PS70 when she was reassigned, but before her teaching years she used to be an alleged a prostitute on Craigslist, something she admitted earlier this month on the Huffington Post.

“From October 2006 to January 2007 I accepted money in exchange for sexual services I provided to men I met online in what was then called the “erotic services” section of No more a “professional” than a person renting a room on the same site is necessarily a professional real estate broker, for me and other women and men like myself, Craigslist at that time provided a simple, familiar forum through which I could do my business with complete anonymity, from the safety and convenience of my own home. At, I was able to bill myself as exactly what I was at the time: a graduate student, bored and curious, sexually uninhibited, looking to make a little money while having a little fun. I wrote my own ads, screened my own prospective dates, decided on my own what I would and would not do for money, and — best of all — I kept every penny I earned, all without the interference of an agency or other ubiquitous “middle man. Ultimately, while my experience as a “non-pro” was not the “fun” I had come looking for — I found the lifestyle physically demanding, emotionally taxing and spiritually bankrupting, and so I made a decision to desist some months after I’d gotten started, exiting the industry just as freely as I’d entered — never have I felt it was the state’s obligation — nor its right, in fact — to protect me from the decisions I made.” Described Melissa.

Since September 4th Craigslist featured a new section labeled Censored, but it’s not new really, it’s where the adult services section used to be, after the pressure came unbearable it was changed, but it seemed that change was not enough and four days later on September 8th the censored link previously known as the adult services link was officially and irrevocably terminated.

Some customers were opposed by the decision, maybe the censored section was removed from Craigslist but for her the censored section left a permanent link in her life. Check out Melissa Petro photos here.

Some think it was a harsh decision to remove her from her work, some think is was necessary, a teacher even an art teacher is a role model to their students. A former Craigslist prostitute now teacher was no role model, but what do you think? Too harsh or responsible decision? Check out some photos and video below.

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Melissa Petro Video
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