David Beckham Confronts Heckler (VIDEO!)

September 27, 2010

Well it seems the alleged cheating scandal regarding the L.A. Galaxy soccer star is getting the best of him. As he was heading into the locker room after the Galaxy’s loss to the New York Red Bulls Friday, he was jeered at by a fan (or I suppose not a fan), and voila…the David Beckham confronts heckler video says it all. See that below as well as photos.

In Touch magazine has found themselves hit with a lawsuit after they published a story regarding a prostitute allegedly having sex with Beckham back in 2007.

The story didn’t bode well with Becks and he is suing Bauer Media, the publishing company behind In Touch to the tune of $25 million. Ouch! A rep for Beckham revealed:

“David can prove he wasn’t (at the hotel where Nici claims they met). She cannot prove he was … She has treated his wife and children with such disregard he is not prepared to let this one go. He wants everyone held accountable. The magazine, the publishers, and the hooker.”

Okay, so back to the David Beckham confronts heckler (video below) story. As I said before, Beckham was headed into the locker room after the Galaxy lost to the NY Red Bulls, he was heckled by someone who started shouting, ‘Stop the Prostitutes!’. It looked as if he was just going to ignore it, but lo and behold, Becks turned around, walks over and says to the man, “Say it to my face” to which the heckler says nothing. Yep, that shut that guy’s trap pretty fast, eh?

When the whole alleged cheating scandal broke, I did not believe it for one quick soccer second. I mean come on, why would this chick come forward now, three years later?

I can imagine the stress that Beckham and his family are going through right now. So sad! Both Posh and Becks had a heart to heart with their boys regarding the alleged cheating scandal.

“On this occasion they said, ‘People have been saying some really mean things about Daddy. Please don’t take any notice of them, because they’re completely untrue and we know they are not true.”

Okay folks, leave me your thoughts on the David Beckham confronts heckler video as seen below. Pictures, too.

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