Katy Perry SNL Debut: Sesame Street Revenge! (Video)

September 27, 2010

More boob tube from the lovely Katy Perry. SNL seized the opportunity to make fun of the singer’s recent ousting from Sesame Street. Check out the full scoop, with more pictures and videos below.

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Her duet with Elmo in a revealing top is what started this whole thing. Apparently parents thought her chest was distracting and inappropriate and had the part cut out. So leave it to Saturday Night Live to give it a tribute.

The producers of the children’s show want to entertain kids and adults, but felt that her segment was too much for the TV edition. They said in a statement:

“In light of the feedback we’ve received on the Katy Perry music video which was released on YouTube only, we have decided we will not air the segment on the television broadcast of Sesame Street, which is aimed at preschoolers. Katy Perry fans will still be able to view the video on You Tube.”

Well what better way to react than to go over the top on SNL. Katy Perry appeared in a segment as Maureen DiChico who reads books to kids at the library. Oh, and of course she was in a tight and very revealing Elmo tee and a short plaid skirt (picture here). With her boobs basically falling out, Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler made some very appropriate jabs.

“Looks like today’s show is brought you by number 38 and letter double D,” Poehler said.
“Double D? More like 3-D!” Rudolph concluded.

They did go on to make fun of the PBS show and talked about how kids want to a woman’s chest.

“You do your thing at the library. The kids come for the boobs, they stay for the books, everybody wins.”

She finished out the show by performing “Teenage Dream” in a sexy private school girl outfit. Make sure to get more with a photo here. I think she was entertaining and it was a great way to handle the dilemma. What are your thoughts on Katy Perry’s SNL appearance? Tell me the good, the bad and the ugly below, after you check out these photos and videos from Saturday.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/FayesVision, Will Alexander, Patrick Hoffmann

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