Jersey Shore Sex Tape: Ronnie & Sammi Video?

September 20, 2010

Is there a sex tape that belongs to Ronnie and Sammi from the Jersey Shore house? She is freaking out and He is really pissed and like many we wonder is this is just a publicity stunt? Keep reading to know all the latest about the alleged sex tape and check out the photo and video below.

Jersey Shore Sammi Ronnie

Jersey Shore’s Ronnie and Sammi Sweetheart or Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Ortiz Magro are one of the hottest people and couple in television, I can’t still remember when these two hooked up after Sammi had just been kissing the Situation, Do you remember?

Ever since they have been dating, Jersey Shore fans have seen them all over each other, just to clarify we are not complaining! Who doesn’t like to see his spectacular muscles bare with Sammi’s gorgeous legs wrapped around them?

It’s for sure that nobody would mind to see these two fully naked and starring in their own alleged sex tape, right? Well if that is the case rumors have been saying that there is an alleged Ronnie and Sammi sex tape that has been stolen and they are totally upset searching for the responsible person taking the tape.

According to Zack Taylor, it’s been reported that Ronnie was at a club when he received a text from Sammi telling him that their alleged tape was not where they used to keep it, she was really freaking out and he was furious.

“[Ronnie] was flipping out the other night at a club appearance because he got a text from Sammi saying a tape they made wasn’t where they left it. I’ve never seen him so mad in all my years of knowing him.”

While some said that they think the whole alleged Ronnie and Sammi Sex tape reportedly missing is just for publicity, I wonder if that was the main purpose for the news why do they need the publicity I mean he is totally gorgeous and she is absolutely “Hot” anyone would love to pay them to be in a magazine, billboard, campaign, or do you think that after Jwoww received that offer from Playboy they would give her some competition with the alleged sex tape? Even more intriguing is why was Sammi looking for the tape? How often does she watch it? Mmmmm….. any ideas?

What is your guess, do you think this alleged Jersey Shore Sex tape really exists? Was it really stolen? Why was she looking for it (just kidding) or do you think that it is just for the publicity?
But Hold on one second!! Didn’t Ronnie admit about having a recording of him allegedly having sex on his phone? Yes he did! He said so when all the Jersey Shore cast were featured in Life & Style Magazine. And it was not just him who filmed himself at that, Snookie allegedly also has her own collection but we don’t really want to see that, while Ronnie said he allegedly had those kind of videos on his phone, it was not clear if those home made sex films were allegedly with Sammi as you can see here, but he did clarify that it was previous partners and that he deleted those from his phone or at least deleted most of them.

Oh My! Give us all your comments about it and check out the photos and video below.

Ronnie SammiRonnie Magro Sammi GiancolaJersey Shore Ronnie Sammi
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Jersey Shore Ronnie and Sammi Video

Photos: C. Smith

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