Lindsay Lohan Drug Scandal Photos? (Video)

September 20, 2010

The Lindsay Lohan drug scandal keeps getting worse each day, now photos of Lilo, a syringe and Paris Hilton have been revealed? What’s next for her? What kind of drugs was she allegedly using? Was it Heroin? You definitively want to keep reading ’cause we got a story that is going to blow your mind, not to mention the controversial pictures, video and so much more about Lilo’s drug scandal news.

Lindsay Lohan

After testing positive to drugs, Lindsay Lohan was sent back to jail. Her fourth mugshot picture was seen everywhere. Her sentence was to stay in jail for over a month, but after paying the $300,000 bail she was sort of free to go she must be in court on October 22nd.

We knew more scandalous photos of Lindsay in the whole drug drama would be revealed, but when a set a pictures of her allegedly doing cocaine were revealed we were shocked! Not her friends though. Fox411 released the news where a friend of hers talked about the reason Lindsay is getting up to her neck with drugs.

Boredom! That was what she said and added that it is no secret for them she does drugs.

“Lindsay does drugs because she’s bored. The only reason she’s ‘fessing up about her drug use on Twitter now is because she knows that she has ‘friends’ that will sell her out. People have seen her doing the drugs. “When she first got out of rehab, she took it seriously. She didn’t want to do drugs or get back into that lifestyle,” the pal continued. “But then, she had all these people around her who were doing drugs in front of her, and that’s when she slipped. A few weeks ago, I saw Lindsay out, and she was in a weird state of mind. It was terrible. She wasn’t her fresh self like when she first got out of rehab. It was like she didn’t care anymore.”

Rumors said that Lilo is still in denial about her addiction, and blames it on others. When the Cocaine photos emerged she said it was a set up, I Wonder what is she saying now that a new set of pictures have been revealed.

News of the world revealed Lindsay Lohan in a drug scandal photoshoot, although the pictures are brand new for us, they are not for others. These pictures were allegedly taken in 2007. In this case the person who took the pictures, for Lindsay and Paris Hilton who appeared in some of them posing and kissing Lindsay in 2007.

The new drug scandal threatening to make her life even worse than it already is showed her posing suggestively with a syringe filled with what allegedly might seem like heroin. Another pic showed her with a tourniquet on her wrist and allegedly injecting herself.

So when and what the hell is Paris doing in the scene, not that we are surprised to see her being naughty and allegedly drug related, after all she is in the news that we have been hearing about her ever since July.

Apparently when both were at a party or hanging out in Hollywood, Paris caresses Lilo who responds by putting her arm around her while her bra straps falls revealing a very provocative cleavage. Lilo’s photos with the syringe or what some referred to as her allegedly injecting herself with heroin are here, and even more shocking photos here.

Whether she is just fooling around, mocking the system who has failed to submit her in the correct kind of treatment she needs to save her life from addiction, there is no proof that she actually ended up injecting herself, or if it was heroin that was inside or even how often she used them and what exactly was she using.

At the moment it was reported that Lindsay is heading back to rehab by her own decision after realizing she needs help. Some were wondering what will be her future in relation to her Linda Lovelace film or if her future in the movie was in jeopardy? With all the attention she is dragging do you really think her role is in jeopardy? I very much doubt that! but let’s hear it from you, share with us all you comments about that, Do you think it really was heroin in that syringe? What would be your message to Lindsay after this drug scandal? Check out more of Lindsay in the photos and video below.

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