Jennifer Mir: MMA Frank Mir’s Wife (Photos, Video)

September 27, 2010

Jennifer Mir is the fabulous wife of MMA Fighter Frank Mir, for some time we have been watching her and she keeps surprising us every time, there is absolutely no doubt Mrs. Mir is gorgeous but also a super champion wife, So let us take you into the life of this amazing fighter wag and check out her photos and video below.

Jennifer Mir

Jennifer Mir is for sure a very hot wife, but she is also a great influence on her famous husband’s career, if you have any doubts just check some of his speeches, he always gives her credit, but what do we really know about her except for the fact that she is married to the fab MMAfighter whose final kick gave him the victory against Mirko Cro Cop, some say it was relatively boring, but we really want to find out about Mrs. Mir

For centuries we have heard people referring to the fabulous wives of great men as even greater women than their husbands and we are not being feminist here, but Jennifer is awesome.

After multiple injuries and a motorcycle accident in 2004 his career was seriously damaged and he even considered giving up on fighting, but Jen knew better and she was not going to let him give it up. She was not going for her soft side, she was going to take him for a rough ride and let him know that four little people count on him, his children. When everybody was telling him his MMA days were over, she told him to get his butt back on the gym. Today she is credited for saving his career.

Not long after that he was winning another title. But what does she say when he lost to Lesnar who even made some disrespectful comments about her? Jennifer is too clever than to fire back at him, she knows that the best way to get even was through his pride, so when she said that while he was getting his belt around his waist fans where cheering for the real champion, but that was her husband.

Jennifer had been in a previous relationship she was now a mother of her son Marcus when she met the famous boxer who wasn’t close to fame at the time. He was working as a bouncer at a strip club in Las Vegas called Spearmint Rhino where she was also working.

They fell madly in love, became inseparable, he was a great role model to her son a wonderful loving man who she adored, for him she was the sexiest woman in the world, his best friend, loyal fan, biggest support and soul mate. By 2004 she was his wife and soon more children came.

Marcus, Jen’s oldest who is about to be legally Mir’s son is 17 years old, Isabella is now 6 years old, Kage is 4 and their fourth and youngest son Ronin is one year old.

Jennifer is a lioness when it comes to defending her family, and if someone attacks them she won’t hesitate to rip you apart, remember that Twitter fight between Jen and Jenna, OMG! You must see it here. Some say the she is the one who wears the trousers at home, but it’s just that she knows the best way into his heart, to let him and her children know that they are the greatest, that the only way to be back on their feet is to keep standing up after every fall. So what makes Jennifer Mir so amazing? We can start by saying it is for her rocking hubby, gorgeous children, her knockout beauty and her kind heart.

What do you think about her? Share your comments with us on the box below, but don’t miss her photos and family video below.

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Jennifer Mir Pictures

Jennifer Mir Video

Photos: Judy Eddy, Chris Connor

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    Daniel Says:

    u do relise that wasnt a championship fight?

    also it was probably the most boring fight of the year