DeLana Harvick: NASCAR Kevin Harvick’s Wife Biography (Photos, Video)

September 25, 2010

Meet DeLana Harvick, she is NASCAR car racer Kevin Harvick’s wife. Some of you know that she is not an ordinary NASCAR wag but what makes her so different? Who is DeLana Harvick? What happened between her and Joey Logano? Check out her entire biography and don’t miss the photos and video after the jump.

Nascar WAG

Before we get started with her bio, we would like to share with you that DeLana has been called a marketing genius by many ever since she had an unpleasant incident with Logano. It all started when he made some shady comments about her telling her husband what to do and her wearing a firesuit to every race, some people might get really upset or offended by his comments not her though so what exactly did Mrs. Harvick do about it?
After going to her Twitter account where she posted “with age comes wisdom & respect… Enough said.” She came up with the fantastic idea of creating memorable firesuit t-shirts, How’s that Again? Well, she knew the incident that some remember today as the War of the Words would hit publicity, so what better way to take that on her side and sell t-shirts with “I wear the Firesuit in the Family” on it, she was right the sales went crazy and she took the profits to their charity, so if anyone wonders who got the last laugh after the firesuit war? That will be our girl DeLana Harvick.

DeLana Harvick Biography

* 37 year old DeLana Linville was born in Kernersville, South Carolina to Joyce and John Paul Linville.
* She went to North Carolina State University and The University of North Carolina in Greensboro where she graduated on 1995.
* She started racing ever since she was a teenager, she continued to do so afterwards.
* Her dream was to become a teacher, but the memories of the race car were so dear to her so instead of a classroom she took her first job on Jeff Gordon’s publicity team.
* After leaving Gordon’s team she got a job with another racer Randy LaJoie.
* She met her soon to be hubby in 1999.
* She began dating him in December 1999 when they were introduced once again at a Christmas party and while she was at Lajole’s team.
* DeLana got engaged in December 2000.
* They got married on February 28th, 2001 at the beautiful del Rio Hotel and their reception was held at Stardust in Las Vegas.
* Along with her hubby she takes care of business at Kevin Harvick Inc.
* In 2007 DeLana and her husband were the Truck Series owners once again in 2009.
* After 10 years married DeLana has no plans for kids, they live at Kernerville, South Carolina with their dogs and cat.

Interesting Facts About DeLana

* Her father was a major Busch Series racer during 1982 and 1992.
* The day she was born, her father was racing.
* She didn’t like to do girls stuff, but rather spend the entire afternoon with her father at the race track or at his garage.
* Her dream was to race, but her father who she described as old fashioned was totally against her or any woman getting behind the wheel of a race car.
* After graduating from high school and making a deal with her dad, he gave DeLana her first race car. Although it took her almost 6 years to race due to her dad’s career, he retired in 1995.
* She met her husband while both were at Driver instruction.
* They kept their relationship secret until they got engaged almost a year later to avoid attention from the media.
* She didn’t get a chance to have a honeymoon, instead they were at the race track since Kev’s teammate Dale Earnhardt’s wreck and tragic death.
* DeLana gives her father who lost his battle with cancer 5 years ago most of the credit for all the success in her personal life and career.
* Mrs. Harvick’s great support and involvement in many charities and cancer research was not unnoticed and in 2006 she was named “Sensational Woman” by the Breast Cancer society Hershey Company.

We also think that she is fantastic, What about you? Check out the photos and video below.

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DeLana Harvick Videos

Photos: Fabrizio Picco, Judy Eddy, Charles Iris,

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