Top Celebrity Sports Sex Scandals Videos (Photos)

September 22, 2010

Check out the top 2010 sex scandals in Sports, let’s take a look back into the most controversial scandals some with some of the most famous athletes, their girlfriends, boyfriends, mistresses, prostitutes plus check out the memorable photos a and videos below.

When we hear news about sex scandals it gets our attention, but when it involves a famous celebrity in sports the news becomes insane, we still have a few months left till the end of this year, but here is what we have over the last year.


Tiger Woods’ sex scandal is by far the most controversial of all, we first heard about his alleged affairs and multiple mistresses in November 2009 but in 2010 the alleged mistresses kept coming. Rumors of more than an alleged dozen mistresses including a neighbor who was revealed in April, sex rehab, racy texting messages, sex tape and pictures rumors, sponsorships terminated and finally divorcing Elin Nordegren in August. Let’s see that list of infamous ladies here.

The other sex scandal in January we heard about was British soccer player John Terry’s alleged affair with Vanessa Perroncel, who was dating Wayne Bridges his teammate of the English National team and former at Chelsea. John was stripped of his captaincy from the Brit team, Bridges never forgave him. You should remember that time when Terry’s team played against Wayne’s and the time when both teams exchange hands Wayne refused to shake his hand. Lucky for John his marriage to Toni Poole Terry survived.


Since 2008 infidelities surrounding another Brit soccer player were heard this time Ashley Cole, but it wasn’t until February, 2010 when his wife Cheryl left him after Alexandra Taylor spoke about their alleged affair (she became the fifth woman to be revealed as his alleged mistresses). In July another women claimed she received dirty text messages. Their divorce was finalized in September.


In March Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethlisberger was named as the man who allegedly sexually assaulted a 20 year old college student at at club’s restroom. Big Ben was not charged, the victim said she had no choice due to the media attention while he was suspended without pay for six games that later were reduced to four.


In April we found out about three French soccer players Frank Ribery and Karim Benzema who admitted about allegedly soliciting sex from an under age prostitute identified as Zahia Dehar. Another sex scandal we found out this month was when former NY Giants and sports broadcaster Tiki Barber allegedly left his pregnant wife Ginny for Traci Lynn Johnson a NBC intern with whom it was rumored he was allegedly having an affair.


Lawrence Taylor, a former NY Giants linebacker and DWTS contestant was arrested after he allegedly had sex with a 16 year old prostitute but he was charged with raping her, later on it was reported that he didn’t know she was underage, he didn’t have sex with her but he allegedly masturbated in front of her and later paid her $300. He was charged with third degree felony, paid $75,000 bail, although he pleaded not guilty he could face up to 5 years in jail.

Also in May we heard about Gloria James, Lebron James’ mother who was rumored to be involved in a romantic relationship with Delonte West, Lebron’s teammate at the time.


After hearing from that famous golfer affair, we found out about another golfer this time it was Colin Montgomery who allegedly cheated on his wife with his neighbor. Robin Brooke, a former Rugby player from New Zealand was charged with allegedly having sex with a teenage girl who was drunk and comatose, the incident happened in 1998 when she was 17 and he was 30, but it wasn’t revealed until June 2010. And who can forget about Landon Donovan’s alleged love child.


Cristiano Ronaldo became a father, according to reports, and it has not been revealed as to who the mother is. Cristiano Jr. is under his guardianship. Also, another scandal – alleged Sexual Abuse involving some U.S. swim coaches.

Brazilian goalkeeper Bruno Fernandez Souza was charged with the disappearance and probable alleged murder of his mistress and baby mama Eliza Samudio. Remember this news, the Brazilian model/ actress who was cut in pieces and fed to the dogs? See that here. In India a hockey coach MK Kaushik and weightlifting coach Ramesh Malhorta were charged with alleged harassment by former athletes.


New York Mets Johan Santana was accused of alleging raping and impregnating a woman, he said it was consensual and his marriage to wife Jasmile survived this sex scandal. Kansas City Chiefs Chris Chambers divorced his wife and married his alleged former stalker just a few days later.


The first sex scandal of our last moth was New England Patriots Brandon Spikes’ sex video where he and an unidentified woman appeared to be allegedly having oral sex. The second sex scandal was Wayne Rooney’s alleged affair with Jennifer Thompson, an alleged Brit Prostitute while his wife Coleen was pregnant. Thompson revealed they and another vice girl were involved in an alleged threesome, this second girl’s name was later revealed it was Helen Wood. Not much later a third girl emerged Samii Darnley, she is not a prostitute but Thompson’s friend. She told the media about the time when Rooney allegedly tried to seduce her and that she saw the alleged sex tape between him and his two alleged mistresses.

Last but not least our latest sex scandal in sports and this one is a biggie! Irma Nici, a 26 year old high class prostitute who revealed to In Touch magazine about her alleged affair with David Beckham [n 2007. He denies her statements. His rep spoke about taking legal action, while her alleged pimp, a former Madam who was in jail over Former NY Governor’s sex scandal with a prostitute said Nici’s story is true, this one also included an alleged threesome. See Irma Nici’s statement and picture here.

Well here you go these are the top celebrity sports sex scandals we found out in 2010. For more information about all these sex scandals you can enter any of these in our search tab. Now tell us what are your comments? Which of these scandals would you rate as the number 1 sex scandal? Do you think we will be hearing about more in the next three months we have left of the year? We will be coming back with more, you might want to keep a close eyes on us.

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