Nick Saban Is The New Head Coach At Alabama

January 3, 2007

After several 5 weeks of denying that he was considering taking the head coaching job at the University of Alabama, it appears that Mal Moore finally made Nick Saban an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Alabama athletic director, Mal Moore, first approached Saban right after firing Mike Shula on Nov. 26, 2006. Although no one but Saban really knows exactly when he had made his mind up to head to Tuscaloosa, Miami Dolphin owner Wayne Huizenga has said he received repeated assurances from Saban that he would return in 2007, and as of two weeks ago Saban said: “I’m not going to be the Alabama coach.”

This story isn’t really that big of a surprise to me nor should it be a surprise to anyone else. Saban is another great college coach that was a little out of his element in the pro ranks. Don’t get me wrong, Saban could have adjusted to the NFL in due time, but it wouldn’t make sense to turn down 40 million bucks, and 10 years of guaranteed employment either.

Welcome back to the SEC coach Sabin.

Read the story HERE.


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