Diane Lane & Bon Jovi: Love Sex & Rock-N-Roll!

September 23, 2010

Her relationship memories are fuzzy?! That is how the ‘Secretariat’ star recently described her longtime ago relationship between Diane Lane & Bon Jovi. Want the full scoop? Get it with photos and videos below.

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The rocker’s book ‘Love, Sex & Bon Jovi’ came out this year and gives us a very inside look into his life. There was even a section devoted to his 80’s relationship with the gorgeous actress. So what secrets got uncovered?

Picture this! Big hair and loud music are in and Diane Lane & Bon Jovi are living it up together. Along with the photo of him with topless girls, the truth about what he loved about this girl came out.

“The very thing that made Jon feel so passionate toward Diane Lane in the first place ended up being the reason for their sudden, unceremonious breakup.”

So they loved to go out on the town and live life to the fullest! One thing that came out was the possible reason the lovebirds split.

“Diane was young and wild and loved to party. But she loved to party so much that Jon caught her partying with Richie Sambora. That wasn’t a good day for Jon’s relationship with Diane, to say nothing of Jon-Richie relations.”

So it makes it looks like she cheated on him! We did hear from her and she doesn’t seem to mind what the band’s tour manager (author of the book) wrote about her. She doesn’t remember too much about the relationship (says it’s a “little fuzzy”) and that people can write what they want to sell books.

I am sure the pages are entertaining, regardless of how true to facts about Diane Lane & Bon Jovi’s match. Have you checked out the rocker’s book? Do you think the claims about Lane are true? Be sure to tell me what you think after you check out these pictures and video.

Diane Lane  2 Bon Jovi  4 Diane Lane  3 Bon Jovi  3 Diane Lane  4 Bon Jovi  2

Photos: www.wenn.com/Adriana M. Barraza, Apega, Ray Garbo, Sean Thorton

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