Braylon Edwards DWI!

September 21, 2010

New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards was busted for a DWI on Tuesday morning in New York City. That drinking and driving is never a good thing. Learn all about the hottie Braylon’s latest scandal, plus check out some fine pictures and a video too of the Gang Green player.

Braylon Edwards

Braylon Edwards DWI sure is making headlines today after the Jets wide receiver was pulled over and arrested for well drunk driving obviously. According to the CBS New York website Edwards blew a .16, the legal limit in the state of New York is .08 when he took the breathalyzer test. He was obviously arrested and is currently awaiting his arraignment. In all likelihood he will be released either on his own recognizance or a low bail.

So what is next for Edwards who in all honesty is no stranger to drama, controversy and scandal? If he is convicted and lets face it the evidence doesn’t lie, he is looking at probably some sort of fine and having his license suspended for awhile. However once his license suspension is done thanks to a new law passed in New York Braylon will be required to have every car he owns be equipped with an ignition interlock system. What does that mean well basically he will have to have this device that won’t let his car start until he blows into it to prove he is not attempting to drive drunk. I am sure there is a lot more technical stuff to the ignition interlock system but that is the jist of it.

Braylon Edwards DWI comes on the heels of his teams win over the Patriots last Sunday. The following statement was released by the Jets today.

We are very disappointed in Braylon’s actions this morning. The Player Protect program is in place for our organization to prevent this situation. Braylon is aware of this program and showed poor judgment. We are reviewing the information with the league and will impose the appropriate disciplinary measures.

This is serious business I sure hope Edwards learns something from this incident. He is lucky no one was injured. There is no excuse for drinking and driving ever. That is my thoughts on the topic, what do you think?

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Photos: Eddy/Johnny Louis/Michael Spleet

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