Chyna: Hospital Stay Due To Benadryl Overdose (Photos, Video)

September 21, 2010

There is no such thing as getting enough of the WWE Divas, not even if they are former Divas and when it comes to Joan Marie Laurer aka Chyna, hospital emergency room is where she ended up on Monday due to an alleged Benadryl overdose. Keep reading to know the rest of that news, previous scandals and more plus check out the photos and video below.


By the time Chyna a arrived at the world of wrestling it was known as WWF, it was 1997 and she was just 26 years old she gave us 7 years of her on the ring, we couldn’t get enough of her and apparently Playboy couldn’t either as she has been in the magazine twice (2000, 2002) no pictures here, but you might wanna check the video below.

Chyna became a popular wrestler, model, bodybuilder and actress in no time, everybody wanted a piece of that hot body and beautiful face, her fans went crazy when her and her boyfriend at the time Sean Waltman’ sex tape (1 Night in China) was released.

You may remember some not so good news about her back in 2005, when Sean Waltman accused her of domestic assault and added that she was allegedly mentally ill and had trouble with drugs and alcohol. Three years later she went on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Another scandal about her was released a year after her Rehab when she was found unconscious with cuts on her arms and for Chyna, hospital bound again – (see here). In April 2010 a woman accused her of attacking her. See that news here.

On Monday September 20th we found out that Chyna was rushed to the hospital due to a Benadryl overdose. According to TMZ she allegedly took more than the recommended doses of the medication in order to help her sleep on Sunday night. The following morning she had some trouble walking, her hands were shaking and vomiting. Poor Chyna she experienced the same difficulty to walk when she was bitten by a poisonous spider last month.

She was taken to UCLA Medical Center when until this afternoon she was still being treated by doctors in the ER of the hospital.

We hope she gets better soon, at first some media reported that she was taken to the hospital after an alcohol overdose, it was a little after that the truth was released, I wonder if she was watching Hitch the night when she allegedly took the Benadryl…. What do you think? You do remember that movie right? Let’s hope Chyna’s hospital stay is a quick one and has a speedy recovery!

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Photos: David Livingston, Apega, Rachel Worth

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