Shawn Darling: Shaquille O’Neal’s Former Employee (Photos, Video)

September 18, 2010

Shawn Darling is the name of Shaquille O’Neal’s accuser and ex-employee. Mr. Darling is accusing the famous and controversial basketball player of emotional distress, child pornography, hacking and blackmail, plus he is giving away some serious scandals surrounding the player’s alleged affairs. Keep reading to know more about this news, Shawn Darling’s criminal record and don’t miss the photos and video below.

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America’s dearest basketball player is in trouble once again. If it’s not with his ex-wife or her beau it’s with some alleged mistress, but now even a former employee is accusing him, raising controversy and setting a time bomb ready to explode putting in danger not just the famous player’s reputation in jeopardy, but also his career and family. But is this man who we know as Shawn Darling telling the truth?

According to the Boston Herald, Shawn Darling’s criminal record includes misusing social security numbers. To this and other misdemeanors he spent some time behind bars at a prison in Wisconsin, but according to Shawn and as reported by radaronline it was because of his criminal background that the famous player allegedly hired him. Read the lawsuit here.

Shawn became the player’s new personal computer consultant in 2007, but his work became more personal. According to Radar he was allegedly requested to erase all records from his e-mail and cell phone accounts, when at this time it was rumored that he was allegedly cheating on his wife with a woman known as Alexis Miller, who later accused him of harassing her. After cleaning all data, Shaq allegedly threw his computer in a lake behind his house and then sent Darling for a new one. From then on it was Darling’s accounts that were allegedly used by the player to get in contact with other women.

Rumors said that Shawn discovered that Shaq was allegedly having an affair with Vanessa Lopez (who later accused him of harassment, see here.) After getting in touch with her and telling her that he believed that O’Neil was allegedly hacking her phone, erasing her messages and changing her password, but what Darling didn’t think of is that Ms. Lopez allegedly told Shaq about what she was told. After finding out his employee was telling about his alleged clandestine actions he allegedly threatened him to use his law enforcement contacts to get him into jail when child pornography allegedly planted on his computer would be found and even accusing him of ruining his marriage. Shawn Darling filed a lawsuit against in where he accused the player of invasion of privacy (he thinks his voice mail was also hacked), emotional distress and destruction of privacy.

Now it was Shaq’s turn to fire back, according to the Boston Herald he wasn’t aware of Darling’s criminal history while he worked (hired to set up his and his family’s computers, home theaters) for him. Shaq said that he used the opportunity to allegedly copy emails, pictures, communications and other personal information without his authorization in order to extort from him $12M otherwise he would allegedly reveal everything.

So this is without a doubt a very ugly case, who do you think is telling the truth? Do you know anything else about Shawn Darling? Check out the photos and video below.

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Photos: Ray Filmano, JDH/ JCP

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