Harry Potter Ride Supersizes for Obese Visitors!

September 17, 2010

The Forbidden Journey ride at the wizarding world theme park has changed to accommodate more visitors. The Harry Potter ride supersized for obese visitors. Check out that and more on the park, including more great photos and video, below.

Harry Potter Ride  1

The park opened in May and one of the very few complaints was that this particular ride was somewhat constricting. Therefore to fix the problem, the ride was apparently modified this past weekend. Now we can all experience Hogwarts!

The chatter about the structure of the seats has been pretty frequent forcing the park to rectify the problem. The last thing they want to do is not allow people to enjoy the fullness of the experience.

“Ever since it opened, there has been some discussion about how people couldn’t ride.”

Due to this factor the Harry Potter Ride supersizes for obese visitors. The ride feature overhead safety harnesses, and had to be adjusted. Therefore on each car they have changed the two outboard seats to fit larger individuals. They have also got a color coded system that describes when the seat safety is adequate.

“We always want to accommodate as many guests as possible on our attractions,” Universal spokesman Tom Schroder said. “After watching Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey operate for several months, we made some adjustments to the ride’s overhead restraints that would allow more people to ride. We’re thrilled to be able to give more people the opportunity to experience this attraction.”

This is not the first ride of its kind to have to be adjusted after it was premiered. At least they are fixing the problem and people won’t have to wait in line and then be disappointed at the end.

What do you think about the company taking this long to fix the size issue? And other than this, are there any other problems or compliments you have about the attractions? Be sure to check out these photos and video, and then leave me your comments about the Harry Potter ride supersizing for obese visitors.

Harry Potter Ride  2 Harry Potter Park  2 Harry Potter Park  3 Harry Potter Park  4 Harry Potter Park  5 Harry Potter Park  1

Photos: www.wenn.com

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