Susan Arum: John Arum’s Wife (Photos, Video)

September 17, 2010

Susan Arum is John Arum’s beautiful wife. John was boxing promoter Bob Arum’s son who was reported missing and found dead. Keep reading to know more about Susan Arum and don’t miss the photos and video below.

Sports Wife

Susan Arum’s husband went mountain hiking during the weekend, he was an expert hiker and climber nobody got worried to know that his adventure on Cascades Mountain of Washington state where he was looking forward to climbing Storm King by himself, but when he didn’t get back on Sunday, there was concern by his wife Susan and the rest of his family began. She called the National Park Service before calling her father in-law the following day. He was reported as missing on Monday August 30th.

His camping tent was found empty, them his waist pack was found, but bad weather made it very difficult for rangers to look for him, that changed when the weather improved on September 3rd and he was found a hundred feet under where his waist pack was found, sadly rangers would have to wait a little longer to retrieve his body. On September 15th her husband’s body was recovered and Susan was contacted by Kelly Bush, a district ranger and park search and rescue coordinator for North Cascades National Park and informed that his cause of death was from the fall.

49 year old Susan Elizabeth Hormann Arum has been married to her beloved husband for 11 years, she was born in Vashon Island in Washington also known as Vashon Maury island. Like her hubby she was outdoor passionate, she was very physically fit and adored being in the wilderness with her hubby, something that she is grateful to him.

“One of the greatest gifts John has given me and (that) was a shared part of our relationship was a deep passion for the wilderness,” Susan Arum said.

At her hometown in Vashon she is a very popular, recognizable massage therapist, known for her kindness, humbleness and lovely smile.

Susan and her hubby were meant for each other, soul mates some might say, it was evident the love, respect and admiration they shared for each other, add to this their wilderness passion, when they got married they left for their honeymoon, not an ordinary one a wild one, but don’t get us wrong wild for wilderness that is.

The newlyweds went kayaking from Washington to Alaska and every chance they would remember their honeymoon as they took kayak trips in their beloved Washington but also in Alaska and Vancouver.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Susan and the rest of the Family and friends throughout this difficult time. Our hearts ache for you.

Would you like to express your condolences to Susan Arum? Check out the photos and video below.

John Arum
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