Dayne Crist, Notre Dame QB Plays With Blurred Vision

September 16, 2010

The college football season is well underway and there is already breaking news! Dayne Crist, Notre Dame’s QB stayed in last week’s game even thought his vision was severely blurred. You have to catch the rest of this story below, with more photos and video from him.

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There is no doubt that athletes can get lost in the game and this is just one case of that. During a drive he realized he was unable to see out of his right eye, however he wanted to continue the drive that ended in a score. He did have to come off for some time, and hopes to be ready for this week!

Once the head coach talked to his player and he seemed a little confused they pulled him to the sideline. A concussion was obviously feared, but not too long later he was medically cleared to return to the game. Dayne Crist, Notre Dame’s QB described the time as:

“After I initially took the hit, I tried to shake it off. …But then physically I could not see … It was blurry to the point where I couldn’t see anything out of my right eye,” he said. “After that, we just pushed through it and tried to finish the drive. Then when everything was done, it all kind of hit me. That’s when the trainers identified it and wanted to pull me off for a second.”

Coach Brian Kelly was the one who talked to him and realized he needed a break.

“You know, again, you could look at him and you could tell that he wasn’t fully in charge. So that’s when we made the decision to make the change.”

He is also realizing that he should have had his backups more prepared than they were. They looked a little rusty and the team ended up losing the game (not that it is their fault). Well it seems that they will be ready in case they are needed this Saturday against Michigan State. However, it seems that their starter is feeling fine now and plans to play the entire game this week.

Hopefully this incident was only temporary and he really is completely healthy now. I guess the true test of Notre Dame’s QB Dayne Crist will come at their next game. Do you think he really is okay and should play this week? Leave me your comments (and maybe well wishes) below after you check out these photos and video of him post-game.

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