Michele Bundy: Shannon Sharpe’s Accuser? (Photos, Video)

September 16, 2010

Michele Bundy is the name of the woman who is accusing former NFL tight end now sports commentator Shannon Sharpe for sexual assault, stalking and threatening to kill her. Why the restraining order? then dismissed? Who really is Michele Bundy? Is she telling the truth? Keep reading to know all about this news plus check out the photos and video below.

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Michele Bundy’s alleged attacker was a famous tight end for the Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos when he retired. In 2003 he arrived as a sports commentator and analyst for CBS on their own The NFL Today, but after the temporary restraining order against him and some ugly sexual assault accusations he would be out of CBS indefinitely.

We really don’t know much about Michele in fact there is no information about her, until now she was a total stranger so let’s start from the news about her and the former NFL player that was first revealed by SportsbyBrooks, 32 year old Michele Bundy from New York is the woman who on September 9th at Fulton County Superior Court was granted with a temporary restriction order against the CBS correspondent.

According to the petition Michele said that she was at his house when she was allegedly forced to have sex with him, she has also said that he is watching her, and allegedly threatened her life. Due to this she feels afraid for her family and her own safety. Although he hasn’t been charged or arrested. The woman in the picture above is not Michele Bundy, but you can see her right here.

The temporary restriction was granted, he is enjoined and restrained from any kind of acts where Michele or her any member of her immediate family (a child under her care, apparently her daughter) could feel intimidated or harassed by him, he should stay away at least 200 yards from her, he can’t contact her in any way (phones calls, fax, emails, pager, mail or through another person).

After this news was revealed, he made the decision to take a temporary leave from his job at CBS until all the alleged accusations against him, comes clean. Both were scheduled to be at the Fulton Superior Court in Fulton County, Georgia on September 20th.

But apparently this won’t be happening any time soon officials at Fulton have dismissed the restraining order against him, normally a temporary restraining order lasts for a month. There is no news about if he decided to get back to work as a commentator, or if Michele Bundy requested the dismissal or what is exactly the relationship between them.

Some people who know Michele, don’t think about her as the victim, but as a woman who is obsessed with him and a liar, according to the Denver Post this man Thayne Davis let her live at his and his wife’s home for a while, but when she was supposed to leave and didn’t they were forced to call the police to get her out of their house, he also revealed very interesting aspects about Ms. Bundy including his own alleged experience very similar to what the former NFL player is going through.

“She’s been infatuated with Shannon Sharpe for years to the point I think she was kind of stalking him. She moved to Georgia to be closer to him. She has some insane idea in her head that he’s going to be in a relationship with her. She sold everything she had, bought an RV and moved out to be close to Shannon Sharpe’s house,”

According to TMZ just a few days later, Michele told media that she and the former player allegedly dated since 2002 and she decided to dismissed the restraining order out of fear that he would get back at her or her daughter.

What are your comment about this news, about Ms. Bundy? Check out the photos and video below.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/ Aruna Gilbert, Virtual Nights, Rick Rosen.

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