French Burqa Ban Causes Controversy

September 15, 2010

Seven months ago the report about the French burqa ban came out and debates have been going on ever since. There is definitely a split between those who want to preserve the country’s values and those who feel it denounces part of a religion. For the whole story, including a video, keep reading below the photo.

Burqa  1

On Tuesday the bill was passed with a vote of 246 to 1 which puts it one step closer to being a law. If it is approved the constitutional council, by Spring it will be illegal to wear a full veil in public or to force anyone to do so!

If this plan does go into action, the French burqa ban will be the first of its kind as no other European nation has a law like this. It seems that the officials and the public are mostly in complete agreement with this prohibition. After a survey, more than 4 to 1 of the country’s people are behind the bill and 82% of people in 5 countries agree.

Jean-Francois Cope, who is the head of the parliamentary group for the UMP, summed up what most of them must feel. He said it isn’t that they want to fight their beliefs, but that hiding the face is not okay.

“We think in our country, that the face is a way of recognizing and respecting each other”.

There is no doubt that those who live or visit the country and wish to keep with their religious beliefs are going to have a problem with this idea. Others have also voiced their opinion that this agenda is unfair and prejudice.

So what does the French burqa ban mean more? Does it solidify the values of the country or does it simply isolate one part of one religion? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section after you check out this video.

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4 Responses to “French Burqa Ban Causes Controversy”

  1. 1
    Michael Palumbaro Says:

    Women commit crimes just like men do. How can a witness identity a women whose face is completely covered? This law has nothing to do with singling out a particular religion for prejudicial treatment. It has everything to do with being able to identify all the people in the country thus protecting everyone.

  2. 2
    allen Says:

    I believe this law should be adopted by all countries with anti extremist views.Forcing a woman to cover her face is not part of the teachings of the quran,it is a tradition,and most often practiced by those advocating shira law.This is a concept that should be globally banished as well

  3. 3
    Michelle Says:

    I agree with Michael P. The first thing that struck me about the law was that it was an identity issue. Who’s to say that some clever theif, be it man or woman wouldn’t don a burqua to conceal his/her identity for reasons completely unrelated to religion?

  4. 4
    donny Says:

    Are you kidding me? No one is going to rob a store wearing a burqa. If I didn’t want you to “identify” me I’d wear a ski mask or a hoodie. You people are ignorant. Give a better reason than public safety to push your views on others. France is full of idiots, racists, and weak ass people anyway. Never visit france. Who cares about the french.