Samii Darnley Talks Wayne Rooney’s Sex Scandal (Photos, Video)

September 15, 2010

We hope to hear there were no more alleged mistresses for Wayne Rooney, so how come Sammi Darnley popped up? She is not his mistress, but a friend of one of his alleged mistresses, although he allegedly tried to seduce her once, What does she have to say about him? Does she know anything about a sex video? This sex scandal is not over and here is the lady that is giving up the news we were hoping not to hear, check it out and be sure to take a look at the photo and video below.

Samii Darnley

When we hear about a possibly third girl surrounding the controversial Manchester United player, we were like Oh no! Is this guy the British Tiger Woods? But Samii Darnley is a different kind of girl, and no she is not a prostitute, or anything like that, she is actually a friend of alleged mistress number 1.

“I’m not an escort girl. I’ve only been dragged into this because I know Jenny. I’ve been to lots of parties that the players were at but never got involved with any of them. They all came on to me but I wasn’t interested. They have wives and I have morals. Sammi said

Not being a prostitute is not the only aspect these girls are not alike, according to some rumors the soccer player allegedly cheated on his wife before she gave birth, but he allegedly tried to cheat on her with Sammi almost two months after she gave birth to their son Kai.

Sammi Darley from Preston, Lancashire is 20 years old. She met Rooney last December at the Manchester United Christmas Party where no WAGS were allegedly invited.

Witnesses said that the player allegedly moved quickly where Sammi was and began to allegedly seduce her, but she knew he was married and rejected him. See the Picture of them that night here at that time she was a blonde.

She is a model or so it says from her Purestorm profile, which is a Casting company for photographers, make-up artist and models and she is a contestant at the 2010 Miss Preston Beauty pageant. According to reports she lives with her parents Bill and Angela Darnley at their house in Grimsarg, Preston. She had a younger sister Jenna, who died on May 2nd, 2008 she was just 15, reports regarding the tragic death of Jenna stated that she allegedly hanged herself. Tragedy struck her life once again just 7 months after her sister’s death when her boyfriend Andrew Kirkman for the past 2 years and a half was found dead, the 20 year old young man was also found hanged at his home. Read about these tragedies here.

And moving back to this scandal and the possibility of the existence of a sex video, according to, Sammi allegedly said that she saw the recording of the player and his alleged threesome with Jenny Thompson and Helen Wood, it seemed that the act was recorded on Wood’s mobile phone and then into Thompson’s cell.

“Helen left her mobile on the desk in the room at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester. Rooney didn’t spot the camera. I was shown the recording on Jenny’s phone soon afterwards. She’d been sent it by Helen. I don’t know who else has been sent the footage but its pretty graphic. You can see everything. Both girls perform sex acts on Rooney. The filming lasts for about six minutes. There’s no mistaking who it is. When Jenny showed it to me I didn’t know whether to laugh or be angry. The person I really felt sorry for in all of this was Coleen. It’s disgusting what Rooney’s done to her”. Said Darnley.

Check about that here.

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