Ines Sainz: Mexican Sports Reporter for TV Azteca Biography (Photos, Video)

September 20, 2010

Ines Sainz is one hot bootylicious Mexican sports reporter for TV Azteca, We are just dying to check this hot sports reporter out and find out what was up with her, the NFL Jets and the alleged sexual harassment claim, Tom Brady defending her? posing for Playboy? Not getting into locker room anymore? and more is here to discover who she is from her biography plus check out the sexy photo and video below.

Ines Sainz

Latin Women are famous for their curvy bodies and the stunning Ines Sainz wears them proudly and beautifully and it is evident to the entire world that she is one of the most sexiest sports reporters in the globe with the most perfect butt (Please don’t call it Ass even if is a hot ass like hers) in the business, her entire body is amazing and her face is gorgeous, but sure you can check her famous butt or ass pictures here, and you can see the outfit she wore at the Jets locker room as well( you are so naughty) but let’s find out more about Ines.

32 year old Ines Sainz Gallo was born in Queretaro, Santiago Queretaro in the beautiful country of Mexico. Her father was a lawyer (he died a few years ago due to heart and respiratory failure) and her mother stayed home to take care of Ines and her two brothers.

She went to an elementary school run by nuns (Asuncion) and her high school was at St. Javier, after her graduation she studied Law at the University of Mexico and got her Masters degree from the University of Queretaro (these days she also has a degree in business and business in Soccer), who would think that a law student would actually get involved in sports, but you see Ines is a great swimmer a powerful volleyball and basketball player. According to reports, some Jets players were allegedly sexually harassing her. They should be careful, after all she is a black belt in Tae-Kwan-do. The case still is under investigation. Ines was not going to press any charges against the Jets, but she was upset even more was the media who went crazy over the whole thing, but at last Ines got her apology, check this out here, some were very critical over Ines, but Tom Brady who is not too fond for the Jets said that she wouldn’t have through that kind of incident with his team.

Ten Years ago she arrived to the famous Mexican Television Network as the new sports reporter for TV Azteca (Deportips), Ines is married to Hector Perez Rojano together they have three children their six years old daughter Ines and their twin boys Eduardo and Hector the boys were born in October, 2008.

Ines and her hubby founded their own production company where they created Deportips directed by her and televised by TV Azteca, She has had the opportunity to interview big names in Soccer like Zidane, Luis Figo, Diego Forlan, Messi, Kaka, Fabio Cannavaro, Paolo Maldini, Rafael Marquez, and Ronaldo. She is currently hosting “Los Protagonistas” and “De Safari” for TV Azteca. Ines Sainz has been chosen as one of the top five sexiest sports reporters in the world by FHM, she also posed for Esquire Magazine (Mexico), some think of her as a former Miss Spain, due to her similar name you see the real Miss Spain is named Ines Sainz Esteban, our girl is Ines Sainz Gallo.

Ines got an offered to pose for Playboy, but she turned that down, saying that She will never go that way since it goes against her principles, The offered call a lot of media attention.

Just recently Ines made a statement saying that after the unconformable Jets incidents in the locker room, she won’t be getting in the locker rooms anymore and added that she will stay away from reporting for while.

“I’m not going into the locker rooms anymore,” she said Thursday at a news conference near Universal Studios. “It’s not a good place right now for me. I don’t want to be in there. I need to wait one month to work again because I don’t want to be the focus,” she said. “I’m not looking for that kind of publicity. It affects my career and development in the States.”
“I like to look good, but that in no way makes me any less dedicated to the sports journalism world. I’m proud of being a woman and I’m not shy about hiding it. However, this in no way makes me any less of a professional.”

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Ines Sainz PhotoInes Sainz Picture
Ines Sainz Pictures

Ines Sainz Video
Ines Sainz Allegedly Sexually Harassed by Jets (Video)


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