Leilani Munter: NASCAR Hot Racer Biography (Photos, Video)

September 13, 2010

The beautiful Leilani Munter is a NASCAR Hot racer and environmentalist and without a doubt one of the most beautiful, sexy and hot NASCAR racers. Find out all about her, her Grateful Dead brother in-law and more from her biography below and check out Leilani Munter photos and video below.

Leilani Munter

Leilani Munter comes from a Hawaiian (Mother) and German (Father) heritage that gave her and her three siblings their stunning features.

Her sisters are older than she is, Nicolette, Svenja and Natasha. Leilani and her hubby Craig Davidson got married at Cathedral Cove beach aka Narnia on March 17th, 2009. No children for them yet.

Leilani was born in Rochester, Minnesota on February 18, 1976 making her 24 years old. She went to college at the University of San Diego where she got her bachelor’s degree in Science and Biology (Ecology, Behavior & Evolution).

Her racing life started in 2001, (Allison Legacy) at the 2004 Texas Motor Speedway she finished 7th and 4th the following year, by 2007 she got her way into NASCAR Indy Series. Her NASCAR debut was at the Kentucky Speedway in August, 2007.

In 2008 she drove James Hylton’s ARCA car for ARCA series the next year and spent the rest of the year on her environmental work plus she became Huffington Post’s Green section Contributor. On 2009 she welcomed Nextra Energy as her new sponsor, check her car here.

In 2010 she raced in her Green and Save Dodge #59 at the Daytona ARCA Series, she was one of three female racers (the others were Alli Owens and Danica).

Fun Facts about Leilani Munter

* She is a Vegetarian.
* Her sister Natasha is married since 1999 to Bob Weir, Grateful Dead guitarist and singer.
* From 2001 to 2006 she was a NASCAR correspondent and instructor.
* If you think that Leilani looks a bit like Catherine Zeta Jones, you got that right, but you are not the only one and that got her a chance to be in one of the famous actress’ film, that was before she became a super sexy car racer.
* She is the fourth female Racer in NASCAR.
* Leilani has been National Wildlife Federation Ambassador since 2008.
* She has appeared on several magazines covers like National Geographic, Rochester Magazine, Esquire, Vogue (Italy), USA Today and Sports Illustrated. plus she has been inside the pages of Vanity Fair, W Magazine.
* It was Sports Illustrated Magazine that included her on their own top 10 female car racers.
* She was a Hostess Race Diva for Hostess Twinkies along with Danica Patrick.
* In 2008 she arrived at Capitol Hill where she spoke to Congress about Global Warming, see that here.
* In 2009 Sporting News Magazine named her one of their Most Beautiful People in NASCAR, Eco Hero in Glamour Magazine and Best Of America in Readers Digest.
* In 2010 she appeared on Discovery’s Planet Green Television series Green Heroes TV, Planet 100 and Fast and Forward.
* She was one of the many athletes to arrive and document the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.
* She currently resides with her hubby in Cornelius, North Carolina.

Share your comments about her with us in the comments box below and don’t miss her photos and video below.

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Leilani Munter Pictures

Leilani Munter Videos

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Nikki Nelson, Starbux

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    Liberalinsc Says:

    As my ex-wife’s family includes Fireball Roberts and branches of the Earnhearts… YOU GO GIRL!

    I’m a big Race Fan. From the Tour de France, F-1, Indi Cars, Austrain Super8, and yes NASCAR.

    Wouldn’t if be great to have a Fuel Milage Race (I know, that’s a dirty word in Nascar), pre-event on a Race Weekend.
    Take 6 to 10 cars with a set amount of fuel for a set distance (Say 20-25 laps)…with NO Re-Fueling. Cars sponsored by the major Car Manufacturors, HP, IBM, Google, etc.

    Keep up the good work!