Sergey Demekhine: Vera Zvonareva Coach Biography (Photos, Video)

September 10, 2010

Sergey Demekhin is a super sexy former Russian model, tennis player now tennis coach and Vera Zvonareva’s Boyfriend? Find out more about this news, Sergey? Plus check out the photos and video below.

Sergey Demekhine

Sergey Demekhine who has now been referred as the famous tennis player beau, is without a doubt very proud of her, since she just defeated Caroline Wozniacki 6-4, 6-3, advancing to finals where Kim Clijsters will be playing against her.

Sergey who is also since this April her new coach was cheering proudly from the stands, so we wonder is joy from her game was it just because he is only her coach, childhood friend or will there be something more and he is in fact her sexy boyfriend? (He is so freaking hot, have you seen him? OMG!!).

26 year old Sergey Demekhine (born on March 30th, 1984) is from Kursk, Russia used to be a tennis player as a teenager he played doubles with Vera at the 2001 Russian Championships and won, he also earned some ITF titles (ranked 438 doubles and 673 singles). In 2006 he reached the quarter finals at the Tunisian F4 Futures, but lost to Alexandros Lakupovic from Greece in the Semi-finals. In 2007 he reached the quarterfinals at the Togiatti Challenger, Almaty Challenger, Chiasso Challenger, Israel F2 Futures and the Astana Challenger. From January to October, 2008 Sergey played at tennis tournaments in Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, Romania and Austria ( from 1-16 to quarterfinals) and becoming the Romania F2 Futures Champion in Bucharest against Serdey Krotiouk also from Russia. His last and only tournament was in May 2009 against Franco Skugor from Croatia.

As a fashion model Sergey joined Michele Pommier Model Agency, where we could find some information about this spectacular guy and by info I mean his numbers (No phone number though) he is 6’2”, suit 42”, inseam 42”, shirt 15.5, waist 33” if you want to send him a gift you know his size. Last year he was part of Vogue Hommes International Paris Editorial Little Bear ’09 Goldens, and Abercrombie & Fitch model.

As a tennis coach Sergey Demekhine began working with 22 year old Alla Kudryavtseva from Russia, when our girl requested to let her train with Sergey as a hitting partner here now coach here.

“As for my new coach Sergey Demekhin it came out that I needed anyone for training after Charleston. I asked him to help me as a hitting partner in Moscow, before the clay season, I know Sergey for a long time, we have won the mixed doubles together at the Russian Championship. He was Alla Kudryavtseva’s coach before, and I asked her if I could train with him. She agreed. And we made an arrangement with Sergey for the whole clay season. Sergey feels a game well and he is good enough for me! So we made an agreement to collaborate at the US Open Series.”

And now the moment we have been waiting is Demekhine really her boyfriend? Although she never said he was, nor did he and we still have zero confirmation about their romantic relationship, these guys over here say that Sergey Demekhine could be her hot boyfriend.
So now it is your turn, what do you think, is he really her boyfriend or just coach? What do you think about Sergey Demekhine? Check out his photos and videos below.

Sergey Demekhine 1Sergey Demekhine 1 2Sergey Demekhine 1 2 3
Sergey Demekhine Pictures

Sergey Demekhine Video


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    papa pius Says:

    “He is so freaking hot, have you seen him? OMG!!”
    …you’re so freaking idiot, do you realise? OMG

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    optimus Says:

    my turn huh?
    I think he’s gay.Not sure, anyway you should check out.Just in case.