Natasha Haye: David Haye’s Wife (Photos, Video)

September 10, 2010

Natasha Haye is British Boxer and Heavyweight Champion David Haye aka The Hayemaker’s wife, yes the same one who made a comment regarding “gang rape” and won’t apologize what does his wife have to say about this? Who really is Natasha Haye? Do they have any children? Keep reading the story below and don’t forget to take a look at her photos and video below.

David Haye

Natasha Haye’s husband holds a record of 22 wins by knock out, out of 25 fights, no wonder he is WBA World Heavyweight Champion yes he is fantastic, but it was his recent “gang rape” comment that got everybody upset even more when he said he won’t apologize for that, so we are wondering what did Natasha say about that? We can’t really tell you about that, these sorts of things stay in the privacy of their home.

So who is Natasha Haye? Sadly there is not much we could find about this stunning Boxing Wag, for years we have known how the famous boxer has always been so resentful about keeping his family away from paparazzi and the crazy celebrity life.

Natasha gave birth to their son Cassius in 2008, they got married two years ago and now they reside at their fabulous home in Cyprus. The life of any spots WAG is full of excitement, but also sacrifices.

There are times that Natasha spent a lot of time without seeing her hubby, but either watching him fight at the ring from the arena or in her living room, her unconditional support and love is the same. Check her out here next to her champion, there is another picture of them here.

“I’ve barely spoken to him in five or six weeks – I let him get on with what he has to do. But I always knew he was going to win.” Natasha Haye Said.

Natasha is not just a beautiful face and stunning body, she is confident (you don’t want to mess with her), kind, humble and most of all a wonderful wife and terrific mother.

Would you like to tell us a bit more about her? Checkout the photos and video below.

David Haye PhotoNatasha Haye Husband
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Natasha Haye Video

Photos: Steve Searle

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