Sarah Shourd: American Hiker Biography (Photos, Video)

September 9, 2010

Sarah Shourd is among three other American hikers who were detained last year in Iran, but she soon will be released, How did that happen? What about her life in the US? Boyfriend? Family? Her released? Check out the rest of this story here plus take a look at Sarah’s photos ad video below.

Sarah Shourd

Millions of people have been praying for the three American hikers who were detained last June in Iran after they were charged with alleged espionage and illegal entry, among these three was Sarah Shourd the other two are Frank Fattal and Shane Bauer, who is also Sarah’s boyfriend and fiancĂ©e; read that story here. Nora Shourd (her mother) along with the other hikers visited them in May, (10 months after) when they were granted with a two day visa. The Mothers of the hikers have met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who told them she will do all in her power to get their children back to their families, it was Mrs. Shourd who told about Sarah’s medical condition, a condition that even after asking for medical treatment at Evin Prison in Tehran where she has been held in solitary confinement, but her medical aid hasn’t come and might never come, apparently Sarah was diagnosed with precancerous cervical cells and a breast lump. It might have been this statement or maybe something more but on September 9th, authorities in Iran revealed via text message that Sarah Shourd will be released on Saturday September 11th, the other two hikers will remain there and hopefully we soon will be hearing about their release.

31 year old Sarah Emily Shourd was born in Oak Park, Illinois she has two siblings, a brother and a sister. Eventually Sarah along with her family moved to California where they made their home in Los Angeles, after she graduated from high School she went to UC Berkeley where she got her degree in English, she was teaching English for over two years before moving to the middle east. Sarah and her boyfriend Shane moved to Damascus, Syria in July, 2008.

Once there she started learning Arabic at the University of Damascus and also taught English to people at the American Language School plus her work at Women’s eNews. Sarah became part of the Iraqi Student Project, but as it comes normal to her she not just taught English, she became their dear friend, she would give them her unconditional, love, support and care. She suffered with them, it was how she became aware of many aspects women there live every single day. Ever since her time in San Francisco she became a fighter for the rights of Women worldwide from all over the States to Mexico.

I have tried to describe her from all I have been reading about her and it will be too long and frankly can’t find the words to tell you how special she is, she is not just a beautiful woman on the outside, her rare, fascinating and out of this world beauty comes from her heart.

Every single person’s life she has touched at some period of their lives kindergarten friends, high schools teachers former neighbors or even the girl from the store she used to drop by so often has been struck with her kindness, love, respect and humbleness, no one has forgotten her. I know that I have joined that group of people with their great memories about Sarah and in their enormous wish to see her back home like them I will rejoice to know that she is with her loved ones and that the fight she has always been having for others is not over, but got stronger.
***Update*** On September 14th, after paying a $500.000 bail Sarah Shourd left Iran, She flew to Oman where her will meet her, the other American hker will be in Iran for two more months. See about that here.

Share your comments and wishes about Sarah with us and check out the photo and videos below.

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Sarah Shourd released from Iran news Video
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3 Responses to “Sarah Shourd: American Hiker Biography (Photos, Video)”

  1. 1
    Maximin lida Says:

    Well, well…. Happy for her she been release…. Now… be sure she do not go back in the middle east where she have nothing to do, only to put herself in trouble….. Middle east ” not the club med, and if she like to do good ‘work” plenty to do in America…………….

    welcome back home (YOU are lucky)

    Maximin Lida

  2. 2
    jackie Says:

    So how many preple “really ” think they were not spies?. If so I got a bridge and ship and rocket to sell you

  3. 3
    John Sproston Says:

    I share Ms Shourd’s family’s relief that she is home and out of danger. However, given her education and familiarity with the region, I find it hard to believe that she was unaware of her proximity to the border with Iran. She and her companions strike me as egocentric academics who played fast and loose with the restrictions known to everyone familiar with this part of the world and decided it was cool to take a chance. Either that, or perhaps they really were intelligence gathering.