Study: Sexiest Dance Moves For Men

September 9, 2010

The Northumbria University has come out with a very intriguing new study. The sexiest dance moves for men, according to their findings, may surprise you. The whole story, with photos and a video example, is below.

Dancer  1

For their research, young men attached sensors to their bodies to create a computer generated model of their rhythm. Women rated them and found that big, exaggerated movements were actually the best!

So apparently the lesson in ‘Hitch’ for Albert Brennaman may have been misguided. The small repetitive movements suggested are apparently what will qualify one as a bad dancer. According to the study, the sexiest dance moves men can do are large and varied.

“It’s rare that someone is described as a good dancer if they are flinging their arms about but not much else,” said Nick Neave, a psychologist at the University of Northumbria, who led the study. “Think about a head banger. Their head movement has a large amplitude, but it’s not changing direction or showing any kind of variability. That’s a bad dancer. Or someone who is just twisting and turning left and right? That’s a bad dancer too.”

They even have a video of the moves they describe as good and bad. You can check that out below! Most guys prescribe to the notion that simple dancing rather than showy moves is the way to fit in and impress women. However if guys all did the “Q-Tip” or any other moves Brennaman loved, maybe it would lead to more couples!

I am still a little sceptical, especially after seeing the computer model. It does impress to have a guy who can move well, but do they actually have the right moves pinpointed in their study of sexiest dance moves? Leave me your comments after you check out these photos and their video.

Dancer  2 Dancer  3 Dancer  4 Dancer  5

Photos: Toby

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One Response to “Study: Sexiest Dance Moves For Men”

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    Martin Medina Says:

    Woman watching you dance is just another way of being evaluated for the bed room, there is only one thing woman want stiff in the bedroom, and it’s not your body.