Deborah “Pinky” Simovitch: WWE Badd Ass Billy Gunn’s Alleged Mistress (Photos, Video)

September 9, 2010

Deborah “Pinky” Simovitch is rumored to be Badd Ass Billy Gunn’s alleged mistress of the former WWE and TNA wrestler. Would you like to know more about her? Did Paula Gunn find out and allegedly send her death threats? Is there also a controversial tape? What are the details about this alleged sex scandal? Read the rest of this story and check out the photos and video below.

WWE Girlfriend

As you all remember the former WWE wrestler also known as Monty Sopp and Kip James just got himself in one ugly mess, involving an alleged affair, angry wife and some explicit tapes.

His alleged mistress is known as 24 year old Deborah “Pinky” Simovitch and a single mother from Canada who allegedly began having an affair with the former wrestler in March 2010, but for Deborah her illicit affair was about to hit the web when she posted pictures of her and Kip on Facebook and later onto Paula Sopp (Gunn’s wife) computer screen.

Deborah aka Pinki told media that Mrs. Sopp (since last year after years dating) started allegedly sending her death threats, to this she decided to record every single one of hers and the WWE wrestler conversations and subsequently uploaded them on youtube, and then their affair became a sex scandal nationwide, and Mr. Kip wasn’t happy about it.

So then it was he who started to call Deborah, insulted her and even allegedly sent her death wishes like that if her car exploded and her boyfriend beat her up.

Some of his phones calls that Simovitch recorded goes like this:

“You have accomplished what you accomplished and now you have f**ked up my whole f**king life. F**k you, don’t say you are sorry,” Badd Ass says. If you are sorry you never would have f**king done it… what we had between us was supposed to stay between us.”

On Deborah and Kip’s tape is a part when he accepts about their affair and how he already told the entire thing to his wife.

“You ain’t got no more f**king sh*t over her,” he said. I told her we slept together. I f**king told her I f**king stayed at your house. I told her everything. So it doesn’t f**king matter. So you got nothing more on me.”

Radar On Line first reported this news and they make reference to their famous sex tape scandal that happened a few months ago (Mel Gibson) not just because of the controversial tapes, but you do remember Mel’s racist tape, well Our wrestler allegedly said he hated Jews.

Wow!! this is indeed a very nasty mess, what he did was wrong, but her actions are a disgrace, a very shady thing, Don’t you agree? Would you like to express your thoughts about this story? about her?

Well we have here the entire collection of the famous illicit tapes between Debora Simovitch and Kip, plus we added her explanation regarding some “pills”. What kind of pills where those? Check out these photos they are not Deborah, but they sure are freaking Hot, Ms. Pinky’s pictures are in the videos below.

Photos: Judy Eddy

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