Felicia Young: Vince Young’s Mother (Photos, Video)

September 9, 2010

Felicia Young is a name we have heard before, not just because she is Tennessee Titan’s Vince Young’s Mother but because she is always standing up for her son, this time she is even standing up for Reggie Bush after the news of stripping the Heisman Trophy from him. Keep reading to know all about this news about Felicia plus check out the photos and video below.

Vince Young

Felicia Young is the person her son gives credit to for most of his success, it was she who raised her son by herself, not only did she do that, she kept him away from evil and taught him to never give up, to be a fighter and to give his best in every aspect of his life.

Felicia’s life hasn’t been easy, in the beginning she battled with drugs, alcohol and domestic violence that turned her life into a living hell, but hope was there and she found God, it was after this that her battle over the former demons became a challenge that took her to create her own foundation “The Felicia Young Ministries” it is there where she helps other struggling with their own demons with God’s help.

Some ask her that after all of her struggles how she felt when her son was in the middle of a fight, but Felicia already knew about this incident, it was her son who told her the following day, she knew exactly what to say.

“Everything happens for a reason. It’s to teach us a lesson. You are never going to get anywhere or do anything or do better in life if you haven’t been through anything.” And what did she told her son about it? “What I told him was that I was glad he called me and I didn’t have to hear it from someone else, so that was important to me to hear from him,” she said. “I just said a small prayer and asked God to keep us strong.”

Check Felicia’s interview here.

Today as we told you before this proud Momma is standing for another young athlete, she knows what she must be feeling if her own son is going through what Reggie Bush is going through, who is about to be stripped of his Heisman and may be given to Young. Check this out.

“We’re not interested in having no honor and no glory out of somebody else they are trying to tear down, no,” Felicia Young said. “They did not give Vincent the Heisman when he was there, even though I know that my son, he was the one who should have had the Heisman, but God didn’t see it that way. He gave it to Reggie Bush. I know that my son is not thinking about the Heisman because God blessed him with even more than just that piece of wood,” Felicia Young said. “He blessed him with the National Championship.”

“Leave (Reggie Bush) alone because his stats and his ability and everything that he did as a human being in playing football he did wonderful. I say to Reggie Bush today ‘you keep your head up.” Felicia Young said.

Well said Felicia and we are not the only ones feeling her actions are remarkable, check CBS Sports news here and what about this fellas from the Bleacher Report here.

What do you think about Mrs. Young? Want to express your thoughts to her? Go ahead!! Check out the photos and video below.

Felicia Young son 1Vince Young Photo

Felicia Young Video

Photos: www.wenn.com
Jody Cortes, PNP, Fayes Vision, Aruna Gilbert

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    She is one fine lady and awesome momma!