Natalie Rooney: Wayne Rooney’s Cousin (Photos, Video)

September 9, 2010

Natalie Rooney is Wayne Rooney’s cousin, we have heard from her before and her F cup breasts that is, today after her cousin’s alleged sex scandal she called our attention once more, What was it this time? Keep reading this full story, previous scandals, photos, video and so much more.

Natalie Rooney

Natalie Rooney’s cousin got himself in one hell of a mess, he never thought that his alleged prostitute mistress was going to tell on him, but don’t think that because they are family Natalie is standing by his side, No way! Girls stick up for each other and she is standing up for Coleen via her Twitter account. Check it out here. Her brother Stephen also Tweeted and said he was “Team Coleen”.

“Just bag him and bin him, Coleen. You deserve a million times better. Not someone who does this to you and treats you like dirt while he’s out sleeping with dirt. I’m actually ashamed to call him family. Just letting you know I’m here if you need me. Just give me a call.” Natalie Rooney wrote.

Ah, Natalie we think that Coleen won’t have the strength or mood to go to Twitter right now, but you definitely made your statement clear.

But Natalie didn’t stop there. For some time she let everybody know that she and her soccer cousin were not talking to each other, some said that he got upset at her after she flashed her boobs after Coleen’s birthday party and he was furious, maybe at that time he commented his shame over her behavior but one thing is for sure both Natalie and her brother were banned from their famous cousin’s wedding, now she is getting her revenge.

“My heart goes out to poor Coleen. At least it weren’t a granny this time though. X. And you were ashamed by my flashing. I’m appalled. You’re an utter disgrace to the family. Poor colly. I really do feel for her. Xx.” Natalie Added.

We are aware that Natalie likes to Tweet about her cousin, she did that during the World Cup and it wasn’t nice either, see what she wrote back then here.

21 year old Natalie Rooney from Liverpool Northwest put herself on the map after she posed topless for Zoo Magazine revealing her new enhanced breasts (From 32C to 32 F) You can check that out here this was her second plastic surgery, she hoped to get her third to make her breasts bigger (32J) ever since her first breast enlargement her modeling career got a boost and became part of Full Portion Media Agency.

About her romantic life there have been only rumors reporting that she and Big Brother 8 contestant Billi Bhatti were allegedly dating, but this statement is not 100% sure, Maybe you know who she is really dating, do you?

What do you think of Natalie? Check out her photo and video below.

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Natalie Rooney Video
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    Miriam Says:

    Oh Natalie you are so bad, you ae forgiven since you are so hot!