School Toxic Site: Gore’s Name Shamed?

September 8, 2010

Right before students were supposed to head back, some bad soil made the school a toxic site! Gore’s name was supposed to be honored but after this debacle it may be shamed. For the whole story, including more photos and a video, keep reading below.

Al Gore  1

In what was supposed to be a symbol of gratitude, the Carson Gore Academy of Environmental Sciences was named after the two influential environmental figures. The $75.5 million learning center is set to have 675 students attend on Sept. 13th. So cleanup crews worked overtime!

After construction it was discovered that the land was contaminated due to about a dozen underground storage tanks. Over the whole Labor Day weekend cleanup that cost about $4 million went on and safety officer John Sterritt told the Times “there’s no doubt in my mind that the site is safe.”

Who would ever want to think of a school as a toxic site? Gore was never informed that an educational institution was being named after him, and now I’m not sure he would approve! Many people see it as a smear against the former Vice President.

“Renaming this terribly contaminated school after famous environmental advocates is an affront to the great work that these individuals have done to protect the public’s health from harm.”

Regardless of how it may seem, at lease the administration is immediately having the situation taken care of. Now the focus is on keeping it safe for students. One source said about the school’s attribution, that making sure the site is safe now “would be an even better way to honor their contribution to society.”

As of now it seems that students will return as scheduled as it is promised the place is safe and will continually be monitored. I would like to hear the thoughts about a school’s toxic site from Gore. What does he think about being “associated” with it? Leave me your comments after you check out these photos and video.

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Photos: House Official Photographer, C.M. Wiggins, RK, HRC, Carrie Devorah

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