Billy Crystal Strikes Out (Video)

March 13, 2008

Here is the video of Billy Crystal at bat for the New York Yankees. He batted first in a spring training Cactus League game in Arizona.

To everyone’s surprise, Crystal looked comfortable at the plate. He swaggered into the batting box with a mouthful of chewing tobacco (or was it gum?), tapped his cleats with the bat, and began waving his bat menacingly over the head like someone who has done this before.

Actually Billy Crystal has done this before. He played college baseball and has been a lifelong baseball fan. The Yankees are in his blood.

He fouled off the 1-0 pitch and surprisingly ran the count to 3-1. The camera cut to Joe Torre who was probably wondering what the heck he would do next since Crystal was not really suppose to get on base.

Thankfully the problem was solved when he waved at the next two pitches for strike three.

More amazingly Crystal accomplished his full count the day before his 60th birthday!

See the videos below from two angles.

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