Mary Louise Parker: Pot is Not Cool

September 7, 2010

There will be no smoking marijuana for the “Weeds” star Mary Louise Parker. Pot may be what she deals on the show, but in real life she’s not a fan. The whole story, including photos and a video, is below.

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She doesn’t really mind who does it, but after trying it for the first time at 45, she was unimpressed by the effects. The actress was ill and a friend offered her a special lollipop too make her feel better!

Well according to Mary Louise Parker, pot didn’t help her or give her any of the effects she had heard about. She talked to Vanity Fair saying,

“I didn’t feel anything! I mean, I still felt ill, but I didn’t get any of the happy effects you’re supposed to have. I don’t know, maybe the lollipops went bad. I licked it. But somebody told me that you need to eat it. Somebody quite famous who grows his own, he told me I should be eating it. But at this point, I feel like “Why bother?” I gave it a shot, it didn’t work. I’m over it.”

She doesn’t judge anyone who indulges in the stuff just because they want to. They had done some stuff about lollipops on the TV series before, so even though she had never given into peer pressure as a teen, she tried the treat.

“I was at a party, and I’d been kind of sick recently. I was in the hospital and on some really heavy antibiotics. But I went to this party and I was in the bathroom the whole night, on the floor. I was just so ill. Somebody at the party was like, ‘The only thing that’s going to help your nausea is marijuana.’ And… I remembered, somebody had given me a pot lollipop.”

Now that she has confessed her true feelings, will this affect her credibility on the show? Mary Louise Parker’s pot days have come and gone! Let me know what you think about her decisions after you enjoy these photos and video!

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Photos:, Flashpoint, Starbux, Nikki Nelson, Patricia Schlein, Andres Otero

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One Response to “Mary Louise Parker: Pot is Not Cool”

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    Miriam Says:

    Definitely not Cool!!