Beckingham Palace for Sale! (Photos)

September 6, 2010

Rumors have surfaced that David and Victoria Beckham are in the process of selling their magnificent home “Beckingham Palace,” and moving to Los Angeles permanently. Get the scoop along with a bunch of fantastic photos below.

Beckingham Palace 2

The Beckhams originally acquired their U.K. mansion aka ‘Beckingham Palace’ for a mere £2.5 million just over 10 years ago. You say, hey, that’s a lot of money! And you’re right, but it’s nothing compared to the most recent appraisal value of £18,000,000. Now that’s what I call a great investment!

For a gallery of photos of the spectacular home click here.

The gossip surrounding the sale began after a spokesperson for the Beckhams reportedly confirmed that the couple had their 24-acre UK estate appraised.

So what makes this residence worth so much? It features indoor and outdoor pools, a recording studio, tennis courts, a zoo (Yes! It has a freakin’ zoo), and a beautiful garden. Plus you could think of it as an investment in history considering all of the celebs that have walked those halls.

A inside source revealed that they couldn’t see David and Victoria ever coming back to “make London their full-tie base.” It’s crazy to think that this could be true remembering how resistant the former Manchester United soccer player was to originally move to America. Although, reports suggest that after the sale of ‘Beckingham Palace’ is complete, the couple will buy another property in England. This one will most likely be much smaller than their current home.

Here you can take a peek inside the mansion.

As a designer Victoria often does business in London, but it is rare that she visits for more than a week or so before flying back to the US.

Question of the day: after seeing all of the beautiful ‘Beckingham Palace’ photos, if you had £18 mill would you buy it? Share your answer with us in the comments.

Check out pictures and steamy video below.

Beckingham Palace 1 2Beckingham Palace 2

Photos: Stern

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