Jessica Zemken: NASCAR Tony Stewart’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

September 8, 2010

Jessica Zemken is no stranger to NASCAR not just because she is Tony Stewart’s girlfriend, but because she is also a car racer, a very hot racer. Although there still are people who said that she is not actually dating him and that she is his friend, So who has it right, let’s find out. Keep reading to read this full story plus check out Jessica Zemken’s photos and Video below.

Nascar Girlfriend

While nobody knows for sure if Jessica Zemken is or isn’t the fabulous NASCAR racer girlfriend, we became intrigued about this blondie, Who is Jessica? When did she start racing?

Jess was born on May 5th, 1986 (Making this her age 24 years old) in Sprakers, New York, the only child of Shauna and Ray Zemken. It was because of her father (who is a former DIRT modified racer) that she became involved in car racing, she was just a toddler when her parents took her to see her first race, a few years after she was following her father everywhere and copying all of his knowledge and passion for speed.

Jessica raced for the first time when she was just eight, it was on her dirt kart, soon everybody knew who she was and what she was capable of with over 100 victories on the dirt kart track, but she wasn’t planning on staying with karts for long and just before her high school graduation she was behind the wheel of her modified sprint car, a year after she was competing and winning at the 2004 Utica-Rome Speedway Track Championships, 4th place at the Empire Super Sprints in Eldridge, New York.

But don’t think that because she is now an amazing Sprint car racer, she forgot about college. Jessica went to Troy, New York and enrolled in Hudson Valley Community College and became a Marketing and business student, it wasn’t until this year that Jessica began taking online tutoring while traveling and racing.

She has been having a quite busy year, but she won’t complain, she is loving every second of it and so are her fans who love to see this blond beauty take the wheel and the same thought is on her sponsors who can’t get enough of her, some of her sponsors are:

Eldora Speedway, STP, Dupont, Coca-Cola, ArmorAll, Chevrolet, Oakley and Tony Stewart racing.

Ok, so we finally get to this guy and we wonder once more, is she his girlfriend? Jessica denied it during an interview but she seems quite fascinated by him here, but check out what these guys reported right here.

Like her father she learned all about repairing her car, you can check her in action at her garage right here. Now you can help us by sharing your comments and information about her, Is she really his girlfriend? Check out the photos and video below.

Nascar Girlfriend 1
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Jessica Zemken Video

* The girl in this picture is not Jessica.

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7 Responses to “Jessica Zemken: NASCAR Tony Stewart’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)”

  1. 1
    daniluvs14 Says:

    ya know its people like you that keep stirring shit up.. she is not his g/f.. she screwed that up with that video of her dad talkin to her about tony last year. she is lucky that he is still mentoring her. he got so mad when he saw that video he called the “source” and had it removed.

  2. 2
    tony14fan Says:

    I agree completely with daniluvs14. It’s stuff like this (and people like you) who just keep stirring the pot. She is not Tony’s girlfriend. There is talk that they had a very, very brief relationship last year, but that ended a long time ago, if it was ever even true to begin with. Both have moved on. Rumor has it she moved to Minnesota a week or so ago to be closer to her crew chief. She also states she’s ‘in a relationship’ on her FB page — coincidence she moved to Minnesota within two weeks of changing her FB status? Don’t think so, but judge for yourself. If she and Tony were together she wouldn’t be moving to Minnesota — she’d be moving to North Carolina and Indiana.

  3. 3
    RacerGirl14 Says:

    The note at the bottom of the story saying “*The girl in this picture is not Jessica.”, pretty much sums up the truth behind the story and your sources.

    Who cares. I’m a huge Stewart fan and have been for many years; let the guy have a life. While I highly doubt he would jeopardize his company and professional reputation in the industry as someone good to work for by dating an employee…not to mention someone so much younger than him.

    Let the guy live his life and hope that he does find someone to make him happy. Let’s stop feeding the rumor mill, which if you are a Stewart fan at all you should know just how fond of that he is!

  4. 4
    Miriam Says:

    Well, so she is not the GF , but she is an amazing racer and cute, great to see woman rockin’ at this sport like Jessica and Danica are doing!!

  5. 5
    1luv4tony Says:

    I, along with these other posters, am among Tony’s biggest fans, for the person and the race/owner he is. I hate reading rumors about him because he’s such a professional and remains as such regardless of the crap going on around him. So when websites have nothing better to talk about than who he is or isn’t dating, it’s beyond sad.
    And to comment on women rockin’ NASCAR…hell yeah. The only problem I have with this is that some women are getting by on their talent and some are exploiting themselves (you know who you are) (danica). Anytime you see a beautiful woman doing advertising for Drive for Diversity and then another beautiful woman getting almost naked and having the other women in the ad with her getting almost naked (but you have to log on to see what happens next), as much as I take pride in what these women are doing in the sport, I’m ashamed of how some are going about it.
    My apologies, but I had to get this out. Too much time is spent talking about a driver who hasn’t really proven herself behind the wheel of a stock car. It’s the women who are making a name for themselves because they can drive the hell out of their cars that make me proud to say…”I am woman…hear my engine roar!!!!” I take no pride in a “go-daddy” girl who can barely take her F1 to 1st place after racing for like 17 years. Sure she’s sexy and maybe brings a couple more guys to the NASCAR scene, which we need, but I truly believe there’s a way to do it and a way NOT to do it. T**s & A** is NOT THE WAY.
    thank you for reading.

  6. 6
    openwheel Says:

    she is his girlfriend. I meant them both at Atlantic City Gambler TQ midget race. So you all were wrong…

  7. 7
    SmokesMuse Says:

    openwheel is right…Larry Mac announced on network television this week-end that Jessica is indeed Tony’s girlfriend.