Jennifer Thompson: Wayne Rooney’s Alleged Mistress (Photos, Video)

September 4, 2010

Meet Jennifer Thompson, she is Wayne Rooney’s alleged mistress, but is it true? When did it happen? For how long? Does his wife know everything? How did Coleen react? Is she leaving him? Keep reading to known all the answer you want to known about this latest sex scandal and about Jennifer Thompson plus check out the photos and video below.

Jennifer Thompson

As you all know the English Football striker for Manchester United and the English football team is among other players considered as one of United Kingdom’s dearest athletes, even more when he gets to spend his life with a wonderful and incredibly beautiful wife who is also a well known television presenter, who just became parent last November. Well all this they are a dear couple in the UK and everybody loves them, but this recent alleged cheating scandal would not be well received by anyone even less by Mrs. Rooney.

Jennifer Thompson is the name of the twenty one year old girl from Bolton who from this day on will be known as the player’s alleged mistress, so what exactly is Jennifer claiming?

The first news about Jennifer Thompson came about three weeks ago, according to the media she is allegedly a ÂŁ1,200 per night prostitute, who for four months allegedly (June to October, 2009) had sex with the famous striker.

She allegedly stated that she met him last June while he was having drinks with Rio Ferdinand (who as you also remember has been rumored to have been allegedly cheating on his wife) and other people (who she said were his relatives) at the Manchester 235 Casino, that night they allegedly kissed, but later that night he allegedly texted her to join him at his room at the Lowry Hotel, to this she texted him back telling him he must pay her (ÂŁ300) and he allegedly said he was ok to pay her.

According to Jennifer Thompson’s allegations he allegedly requested her friend to join them for a threesome, she said that that was the first and only time she and another girl slept with him, the next alleged sex encounters were just him and her.

They allegedly go out to nightclubs, casinos and even at Rosso Italian restaurant (Ferdinand’s restaurant) the place where they allegedly had sex was at Manchester’s most exclusives hotel. According to The Dailymail here are some of her statements.

“Wayne chased me with sex texts and paid in wads of cash. He didn’t seem to care he was betraying Coleen. He certainly enjoyed all our meetings and didn’t seem to care what he was doing to his wife. I think he believes he is invincible and untouchable. As a woman, I wouldn’t want that done to me – especially if I was pregnant.

“He sent me SIM cards full of text ­messages and spoke to me on Skype using a false name. Whenever we met for sex, it was always in the same hotel.” Jennifer Thompson Said.

She also described another of the alleged sex encounters.

“I went with a few girls and the whole team was there. They were all very drunk, we hadn’t arranged to meet but Wayne spotted me in the crowd. About half an hour later he held my hand in front of everyone and led me away down these stairs. Michael Owen was looking at him in disgust. Wayne made no effort to be discreet and I was embarrassed. He took me downstairs into the cooking area and into an office.” Jennifer Said.

According to the Mirror Jennifer’s statements were later confirmed by a friend of hers.

“She couldn’t believe it the first time he booked her. He used a different name so she didn’t know who he really was until she knocked on the hotel room door and he opened it. She wasn’t star-struck. She considers what she does to be a profession and she always strives to be very good at it. But she got into trouble with her agency when they found out she was by-passing them and taking bookings from him direct on her own mobile phone and over the internet using Skype. After he’d had sex with her the first few times, he changed his ­attitude towards her. He said it was no longer just about an hour or two of sex but that he’d grown genuinely fond of her. But he carried on paying her ­whenever they met. It went on for four months. She’s a well-to-do young woman and has had a good ­education. You’ve only got to look at her to see why Wayne liked her so much.”

These alleged affairs between Ms. Thompson and the football player reportedly took place while his wife was pregnant. There are no reports that Mrs. Rooney knew certainly now she does after this news broke. There isn’t any confirmation if she will leave or divorce him. As for any alleged Sex Video nothing about that, but with these kind of scandals you never know. You do remember that this is not the first time the Manchester United player has requested sex services from a prostitute, back in 2004 he admitted he did pay for sex from a 46 year old woman when he was a 16 year old boy, here is that story. At that time this is what he said.

"I was young and stupid. It was at a time when I was very young and immature and before I had settled down with Coleen."

And what does he say now. According to a friend of him and reported by the Mirror . “My life is in ruins…I’ve been so stupid. Coleen won’t forgive me this time. She will leave me.”

What do you think about this? Would she leave him or not? What are your thought about Jennifer Thompson? Check her photos and video below.

Jennifer Thompson 1

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Jennifer Thompson Video
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2 Responses to “Jennifer Thompson: Wayne Rooney’s Alleged Mistress (Photos, Video)”

  1. 1
    Miriam Says:

    OMG! I feel terrible for Coleen, this Jennifer girl is trash. Shame on you Wayne

  2. 2
    John Says:

    I like how often the word allegedly shows up and how the references are all vague and oh yeah…where’s the proof?