Claudette Laliberte Is Mandy Moore’s Lesbian Mom’s Fling (Photos)

March 13, 2008

Meet Claudette Laliberte, a tennis pro and also the lesbian girlfriend of singer/actress Mandy Moore’s mother, Stacy Moore. See photos and a biography of Claudette below.

The National Enquirer (heh, I know, consider the source), has revealed that that Mandy Moore’s mother, Stacy Moore, is in a lesbian relationship with tennis pro Claudette Laliberte. Stacy allegedly left Mandy’s father for Claudette and have been together since 2006. News of their relationship came to light last year when Claudette’s lover found email exchanges between Claudette and Stacy. Reports have surfaced that the two do in fact live together now. Laliberte was asked about her relationship with Mandy’s Mom to which she retorted, “It’s nobody’s business why we’re together”.

All that is known about Claudette is that she is a USPTA Certified Professional 1 teaching pro who has taught tennis in Florida and Arizona. She was part of the Florida team that made it to the 2006 USTA League Tennis 4.5 Adult National Championships.

See much more about this story here.

Photos of Claudette Laliberte are below.

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4 Responses to “Claudette Laliberte Is Mandy Moore’s Lesbian Mom’s Fling (Photos)”

  1. 1
    shirleyone94 Says:

    Mandy Moore is cute, and kind. We have another like-minded person. Well, maybe it is not so easy for her to accept the fact. And that is what we LGBT on ****** are often worried. But actually, most of them are accepted at last when they get to know more love for LGBT. They can also have a happy life. I am sure it will not a expetation for Mandy Moore either.

  2. 2
    Orange County Choppers Says:

    This whole lesbian nonsense turned out to be a malicious tabloid lie, as everyone suspected. Mandy Moore and her parents are as stable and normal as most people. Get over it. The National Enquirer is not anyone`s idea of a real newspaper. They deserve a lawsuit but who really cares. Honestly.

  3. 3
    Hauthazel Says:

    Actually, this turned out to be a bizarre tabloid fraud, wouldncha know it. Mandy Moore, as it turns out, is also an American, so this kind of thing doesn’t apply.

  4. 4
    Henry Says:

    Not surprisingly this all turned out to be tabloid rubbish. Mandy Moore is American and homosexuality is not remotely in their alien genes, as they know perfectly. But publicity sure is.