Dr. Oz Cancer Scare a Wakeup Call?

September 3, 2010

Around his 50th birthday there was a surprise that no one expected for Dr. Oz. Cancer scares are not the present anyone hopes for, but he should be okay! The whole story, including photos and video, can be found below!

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He is always talking about good health and preventative care. Well now he is a living example as to why. When going in for a routine colonoscopy, doctors found an adenomatous polyp, or a precancerous mass. Luckily they found it in time, but it does shock you!

In an interview with People magazine, he talked about what it was like to find out.

“This was a shakeup for me. I have done everything right. I don’t have any family history, and yet I’m high risk now.”

He went on to talk a little more personally about Dr. Oz’s cancer scare.

“There’s a lot of tension. It’s frustrating. Why did this happen to me? It forces you to question the assumptions you make about life.”

For Dr. Mehmet, this experience has also humbled him. His whole life is about being health conscious, and it shows that bad things can happen to anyone. The only thing that made a difference was his anticipatory actions.

“The only thing holding me back from a terrible outcome is the dumb luck that I checked myself…I would have put this off, like a lot of people. But I bet this saved my life.”

He talked to Oprah soon after his results and apparently she reacted in her true style.

“Her main question, classic Oprah, was, ‘I don’t care about this stuff. Are you okay? That’s the bigger question.’

Things like this make you want to make sure you are doing everything you can to be healthy, and it encouraged Oprah to check up on her health. He could have progressed to having colon cancer, but luckily caught it in time. He will talk more about it on his Sept. 7th show.

What do you think about this experience? Does Dr. Oz’s cancer scare prompt you to be more careful? I am glad he will be okay! Leave me your comments after you check out these photos and video.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/PNP, Andres Otero, HRC

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One Response to “Dr. Oz Cancer Scare a Wakeup Call?”

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    Miriam Says:

    So glad he found out on time!