Beatrice Capra: Young American Tennis Player (Photos, Video)

September 2, 2010

Meet the new and young American tennis star, her name is Beatrice Capra and she has come to take over the Oudin Empire. So who is Beatrice? How old is she? Is she dating someone? Keep reading to find out all you must know about this beautiful young talent plus check out the photos and video below.

Beatrice Capra

Tennis experts and sports media are talking about the new American tennis player who might have conquered the U.S Open and make the Nation forget about Melanie…. Who?  You see it is happening already! And it is not just us, go here to read what these guys are saying. Although she had admitted that Oudin is her inspiration, but feels pretty confident she she can do great things on the court, she just claimed her victory over Aravane Rezai from France and advanced to the third round, So let’s meet this girl now!

"Melanie is such an inspiration to me," Beatrice said of Oudin, who reached the 2009 quarterfinals. "Last year I was watching every one of her matches. And I thought, if she can do it, so can I. She gave us all a lot of inspiration.

Beatrice Capra was born in Ellicott City, Maryland on April 6, 1992 (Her age is 18 years old) to Laurie and Giovanni Capra, she also has a sister Pia. I guess Beatrice’s family must have an Italian heritage.

Trice, as many of her family and friends call her, just graduated this year from Laurel Springs High School. She has won one ITF title, she is already ranking 10th at the ITF World Junior Rankings,  claiming 1 single title she ranks 372nd place and 578th in doubles with two titles.

Standing at 5’8” this amazing right handed and double handed backhander has been rockin’ on the tennis tour for over nine years and with the help of her coach Frank Salazar she would claim one victory after another. See young Beatrice in action last year here. No time for a boyfriend for this hot athlete though, sorry guys!

What do you think about Beatrice, would she be the next American Tennis star? Do you know something more about her that you would like to share with us? While you take a thought about that check out her photos and videos below, our girl has a sense of humor.

Beatrice Capra 1

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Beatrice Capra Video

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2 Responses to “Beatrice Capra: Young American Tennis Player (Photos, Video)”

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    Miriam Says:

    Good Beatrice! Go get some Russian b……

  2. 2
    Miriam Says:

    Well, she didn’t win, but she did great, so proud of her