Rebecca Ellison: Rio Ferdinand’s Wife (Photos, Video)

September 2, 2010

Meet Rebecca Ellison, she is Manchester United Rio Ferdinand’s Wife and mother of their gorgeous children. Find out who is this fabulous soccer wag, her children, her wedding and so much more plus don’t forget to check out their amazing photos and cool video below.

Rebecca Ellison

We couldn’t have a chance to see Rebecca Ellison at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa due to the injury her fantastic husband suffered and because of that same injury we haven’t seen him much either, but he is ready to step on the field and with that news we are looking forward to seeing the beautiful Rebecca Ellison or is it Rebecca Ferdinand now?

28 year old Rebecca Ellison has been a soccer wag for over 8 years, like many young wives she likes to keep her life out of the whole celebrity spotlight and give her children a life as normal as she can.

For years there have been rumors that her hubby had allegedly cheated on her, maybe you remember a certain lady named Lauren Alcorn who claimed she allegedly slept with the soccer player for years, years that he has been with Rebecca and just this year a model from Israel revealed her alleged affair, click here to see this sexy model.

But despite all these nasty rumors their relationship has become stronger and even if some people said both can do better and she is not good enough for him, many people have disagreed pointing out that it is the other way around and that it is him who is not good enough for her. One thing is for sure we think she is really beautiful and he is very lucky to have Rebecca by his side, check them out right here.

Rebecca became a mother in 2006 when she welcomed her son Lorenz into their lives. The following year she received a great surprise, probably one that she was eager to have but wasn’t hoping to come.

Las Vegas trip was merely a holiday celebration with family for Becca, but when her long time boyfriend proposed to her she couldn’t hide her tears, she said yes!. But before she could be officially the new Mrs. Ferdinand a new Mr. Ferdinand arrived into their family, Tate her youngest son was born on August, 2008, (in case you are wondering about the boys’ names Larenz, Tate, they chose those names after the 2007 film about Frankie Lymon that actor Larenz Tate starred in “Why do Fools fall in Love”). Anyway here is a picture of Rebecca with Larenz and in the pictures below you can see her with both of her boys, she is a bit overweight here but still pretty, don’t you think?

Finally the big day came last year, at Peter Island, (British Virgin Islands), there were no official pictures of the fantastic wedding, but check this out, you can see an exclusive look at the location for their special day, really amazing place.

Now it is your turn, do you think all those alleged affairs are just rumors or true? Would you be able to forgive? What do you think of Rebecca? Check out this photos and the great video below
with tons of awesome images of the couple.

Rebecca Ellison 1Rebecca Ellison 1 2Rebecca Ellison 1 2 3Rebecca Ellison Ferdinand

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Rebecca Ellison Video

Photos: Nichols, Steve Searle, 247 Images

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    Miriam Says:

    Yes she is beautiful, maybe too beautiful for Rio